Birthday of 4 year old!!!

Yes! ! She is 4 years old now, Ask her how old are you? And you will get to hear “I am 4 years old” along with careful counting of 4 fingers and pressing thumb with the help of other hand. She understands birthday now and also that they are special.

‘Mummy (with high British accent), where is my birthday party? And presents?’ She happens to watch a random birthday party celebration video on the television and got the idea that birthday means party.
I must say ceebeebies channel has helped her gain that accent and lots of new words to her own little dictionary . We planned a special trip for her to ceebeebies land . She loves lots of shows and we thought it would be nice to make them come to life for her.
As I knew we are going to take her there so I kept telling her we are going to ceebeebies land and she is going to ¬†meet all her favourite characters . She gave it a thought to say “No, I want to see only in tv” Imagine a face of me totally worried that plan might backfire.
Adding to my worries it rained, actually poured that day . As feared my daughter was just not interested in anything other than burying her face on her father’s shoulder. I pulled her from him and took her to ‘In the night garden’ ride. Imagine a giant bulb lit face of my daughter . The only thing I heard after that was squeaks, shrieks, giggles and guffaws. Finally! !!She talks about ceebeebies land every day after that and asks me to pack bags so that we can meet someone there.

For a 4 year old this place is awesome, definitely needs lot of expansion and improvement to make it like Disney land or better. But this itself was wholesome fun for my 4 yr old.

Few days before her birthday I asked her what cake she wants for her birthday , a princess cup cake or lots of butterfly on the cake, she immediately screamed butterfly . I tried my best to make one.

As usual some balloons,cake and a digital celebration with loved ones who were present virtually ( Web casting ) I was happy to see her squeal when she saw cake and told “lots n lots of butterfly”
She refused to eat butterflies only after being told that those are sugar candy , she ate them. I gave myself a big pat on my shoulder to make a 4 year old believe that I laid real butterfly on her cake. My cake was grand success and so was her mini birthday party.

Thank god she did not ask for big presents ūüôā . I bought her tiara, fairy wings and wand just in case if she asks for a gift . After seeing that she wears them every freaking day and swooshes the wand on her brother when ever he upsets her, I have never asked what she intend to do by doing that action, it’s quiet understandable she wants him to turn into a frog or puppy but why to bother.

I am thankful every day for these little moments I share with my loves of life.


My little wonder

Ojas is as usual a calm little fellow with a benign face but some little twists here n there. He loves to be held in arms. Carry him and go anywhere he will just keep watching things around.
Things he can do:
He can hold onto things and stand with its support.
He holds on to our coffee table and goes round and around it tapping,jumping like a bongo drummer.
He will take one hand high up in air and will do action like I call it “fixing the light bulb”
He can say bababa n do bye bye action by waving hands.
He used to welcome food 2 months back but now he is little fussy about eating same old cereal.
He still loves wires and electric circuits of our house.
He has a little comfort blanket now. He holds it and doze into a dreamland singing his own little lullaby
He started admiring his sisters rhime reciting. He laughs at wrong timing still making her sister laugh along.
He always waits for her sister to greet her after she comes back from school . As soon as she makes a eye contact with him, he greets her with big mouth single tooth smile.
He is fond of wheels and loves to taste everything around
Things he has tasted so far.. boots, stickers and labels, paper, cloths, toys,chocolate wrappers, bands esp the rubber bands which his sister is wearing.
Half of the time he either has non edible things in his mouth or my hands trying to pull out the same.
He spills that giggly laughter when ever his mom plays peek-a-boo.

Snatching things from his hands upsets him but a lot but the way he reacts to that is even more funny( he will crawl with his face down along with nodding his head left to right)

A reminder to you my son :
When I look back these 11 months all I can see and hear is your laughter. You are one charming kid who can win anyone’s heart by just being calm. You neither made a fuss nor you have choosy needs. A contented person is a striking attribute of yours.
You adore me I know it’s too much to say but that’s true because you always looked at me at amaze and that is the best thing you do for me I have wondered several times that what is going on in tiny brain of yours whenever you look at me like that, may be ,”why she always smiles at me”,”why is she here” or even “who is she” I really don’t care but I just love it. For everything that’s going on in your head the answer is simple I love you and care for your wellness more than anything in this world.

Be little gentle on growing up part. I can’t handle this vigorous and fast growth of yours as just few more days to go and you are going to be 1 year old. I love you my boy. God bless you.

You are 2 !

Hi Jaanu!!!!

Happy Birthday Dear !! May God bless you with everything you wish for!!

When I was a kid,¬†I used to watch a series ” I dream of genie”¬†. In that The genie does all her magic by just hard long blink of her eyes.

In one blink I saw you holding in my arms and in other you were 1 and now you are 2.. I am blinking hard just like that genie to do some magic to stop this clock,to make this life a still and on the other hand a magic blink to make myself realise that You have to grow.. You have to hold your baby brother/sister in¬†your hands..You have to goto School…. You have to teach ur sibling how to be cute & cuddly just like you…You have a whole life ahead of you and I just cannot use that pause button for my silly ideas…

¬†Remember one thing : ¬†No matter what ,You will always have the pride of making me ‘Mom’ for the first time.

Happy Birthday my munchkin….Happy Birthday!!!

Fun part:

When I ask how old are you ?

You say “toooo”…

What’s your name ?


What’s your father’s name?


What’s your mother’s name?


What’s your name ?

Vasanth ..

Anything you ask now ..the answer is¬† ‘Vasanth’

What I feel?? Should have started with teaching you to answer What’s your mother’s name? question ¬†first ūüėČ

P.S.Thanks for reminding me that I have to say ‘Thank You’ everytime you come and give me a kiss whenever I ask for

Love youimage