Ojas turns 3!!!

There is one little person in my house who is not mentioned much in this blog. I have said the same thing in every post about this fella. Yes!!he turned  3 on 20 oct 2015 and I’m publishing a post 5 months after that because I am a lazy person ,OK! super lazy person.

Its easy to pick up gifts or things I can do for Jaanu but for Ojas I struggle ,we both struggle a lot.As I have noticed this boy has very less favourites which he clings on very dearly to .For example cars,anything with wheels and yes his dirty blanket aka blanky/blankie



One of our cousins met Ojas after an year and the moment she saw him the first thing she says “Oh my God! You still have this blanky ????” Our blanky is Famous now!!!!

Here, I was running out of gift idea but Jaanu came up with idea of buying a scooter for him. Sometimes it’s right there and you still look for the thing like a crazy drunk person ??? Yah I was like ,really ?? Now my brain has stopped thinking so much that I need to get gift ideas from a 5 year old but that was indeed a very good idea and we went with it ,I have no shame in it. We got a helmet too if that’s anybody’s concern .The helmet reminded me of a thought we used to have when ojas started walking  ,myself and Vasanth always  considered putting a helmet (or like the one Magneto (X-men) wears )permanently on Ojas as he banged his head every day for one reason or other.

Recently Ojas started enjoying connecting things together ,pairing same patterns together so we thought may be building blocks ???

Jaanu made a special card for her brother with a superman in it.

I made a three layer cake finally !!! Half vanilla ,half chocolate and decorated with Ojas favourite Oreo and gems and a small car.
The car had a number 3 written on it which made it extra special but the most fun thing to watch was  Ojas blowing candle and cutting the cake with a big helmet on his head .He was more excited about musical candle than cutting and eating the actual cake but I noticed later while serving the guests that an Oreo was missing .I chuckled ” I knew it!!!!”


I’m always scared with this fellow standing around cakes . In spite of my several failed attempts to make him understand that birthday baby cuts the cake first he always takes that cream n licks it.Once he  kept his hand ,right in middle of cake (really lucky the girl didn’t make a big deal )

But off late he is patient enough for the birthday baby to cut but he still takes the first bite . I normally restrict him from going near the cake but all his friends want him to stand closer to them (ohh !!you don’t know him poor girl/boy )

He just keeps me on my nerves always and everyday .he also knows that if he gives that lovely little smile wen I’m upset with him I’m floored. The most fun part is he feels people who get angry are funny. One day I was really upset with him and he says “amma you look funny “and guffaws . He very well knows when I’m really really upset ,poor fellow starts crying ,apologising and requesting me for hugs- neither I can resist my urge to hug him nor crackup .

He loves his sister .Im not supposed to get upset with her ,he asks me to make a smiling face and asks me to hug her .He still says sorry like thousand times to her and they patch up in a jiffy. He copies every act of his sister and some time reverse scenario happens and he keeps asking her not to repeat what ever he says. He really gets upset with that. When Jaanu says “see copying is not fun !?” Ojas :”I’m sorry Jaanu ” and they patch up again ,cycle goes on.

I wish for many many things to write but certainly this blog will not be enough for that .lovely moments to share and cherish is all we need . As I always say I am truly blessed with a possibility to soak into these moments .

Happy birthday son !!

“You don’t really understand human nature unless you know why a child on a merry-go-round will wave at his parents every time around -and why his parents will every time wave back . ” —journalist William D Tammeus.

Love you always .



Little wonders of my life

Kids are totally taking my time. They hate it if I operate any of the electronic appliances. for eg.Computer,TV,Music,Blender,Fridge, phone (smart phone to be precise) etc. I am only allowed to talk to my girl or just let my son cuddle me or watch them watching their cartoon  or sing,count,dance just like their cartoon stars.I feel I am doing nothing yet doing everything. Hence no frequent posts.

When I was in  6th grade we had one of few new channels added to our cable tv . I loved watching ” Small Wonder ” I used to wait for the program and run around the home walking and talking like a robot(Vicki).


I thought she was a real robot.Some time later in another channel I saw new real robot inventions and they looked like bunch of metal parts sewed together with bolts and nuts with no real eyes,  ears, mouth and noway like Vicki. I used to think why these guys are struggling so much when they have Vicki . Looking back at that thought makes me smile now . I remember I learnt the word “dismantle”.

I loved that phase of my life ,total ignorance and innocence.Last week we were watching tv and my daughter witnessed a scene of a man crying (it was indeed a comedy scene -the man cries in a very funny manner) but my daughter asked me to stop laughing and go ask him what he needs. I laughed again and apologized to her for laughing.Agreed totally with her that we should never laugh or find pleasure in others misery.Isn’t it wonderful to get to learn things from your little ones. Sometimes extremely embarrassing but mostly absolutely adorable.

There was another such incident where we have invited our friends for dinner and after I gave them a cup of tea my daughter asks them to say “thank you” to me . Remember ?? the extreme embarrassing situations this was one of those. I couldn’t ask my daughter to not to say that as few moments ago I had asked her to thank them for giving her a gift.
As they were our friends they took it lightly & laughed at it and also thanked me as per Jaanu’s order.

She forgets the word “broken” in tamil and uses “torn” instead. Like for saying “Toy odanji pochu (The toy broken) ” she says “Toy kinjichidhu “(The toy is torn)

In future if I ask my daughter two words she can think of from her childhood its definitely going to be “Gentle” and “Polite” as we have made her hear those innumerable times. I control my urge to not bug her repeatedly but I fail more often.I keep telling myself “Just a Phase ,Phase and its going to pass”

These days I can see little personality in my son. He has learnt the technique of scaring/irritating/frustrating/taunting/traumatizing us by throwing threat tantrums and how he does it? simply banging his head on floor. Our paediatrician asked us to isolate ourself from him when he throws tantrums like those.But this guy has enough intelligence to come behind me and bang his head where ever i go.It cracks me up often but i control my urge to laugh and manage to give him a stern look as its all for his betterment.

He has learnt to shower kisses on us when ever he needs them or he needs our attention.

My son thinks if I take him away from his father its time to say ‘good night ‘ and he does it by keeping his palm on his head saying ‘nait nait’.

He can say “Fannn” showing fan and Point his finger to light if we ask.

If i dont know where is he in the house I just have to say aloud ” Ojas kanomme ..(Where is Ojas ..I cant find him)..” He will come running to me with his face all lit up expecting me to be happy on seeing or finding him. This trick never fails .

I always tell Vasanth that i need time for myself. All I do in that time slot is write about children and I always feel so happy about it without any guilt. Its never going to be enough how much ever times I thank God for giving me this adorable and lovely children.


Oh! Boy

This is something I love to write about . ie my kids.
My 16 month old boy is suddenly big boy now. He jumped from being a baby to all learning mode.
Adorable things he can do:
If I ask who is Ojas,  he pats his small ponch .
I say namaste, he folds his hand to do namaste
If I say clap he claps his hands
Say huggy, he will look for his sister to hug. Myself and vasanth are not fortunate enough for that yet.
He can understand what Comes next very well . ex . While vasanth starts wearing his shoes in morning he says,  “ba ba” he knows vasanth is going to leave and stands by him so that he can take him out.
He got the idea that u have to keep the receiver on our ear to  talk.
He needs everyone in the house to be with him. If any one of us leave he cries, very very bad.

He is one angry young man, if you stop (even warn him) of not so good behavior, he growls and lies flat on the ground and throws tantrums(gene coding)

This wierd Al has a comfort blanket, a real blanket as a comfort blanket. He bites it  just like a puppy holds a toy in its mouth n growls if any body tries to snatch it.

He says poochi, muchi , Amma, ppa, eyes (keeps his index finger on his eye) if we say kissi he showers flying kisses keeping his palm on his mouth instead of taking it away like in a traditional flying kiss ..

He plays with car, to my curiosity I tried giving him doll, he either pushes it away or bites it hard so that he can get few beatings from his sister for doing it.

He shows just two emotions smile and cry but most of the time smiles make a higher count.
We call him a ” happy feet dancer” he taps his legs just like that little penguin in movie’ Happy Feet’ .I just love this easy breezy boy.

Every time I see my kids I say this every time. THEY GROW SO FAST.
Each person  have their own perception , there are people who might  be worried about what’s next, school, emi , life insurance, house, a good future for them etc. I won’t say that those are not my concerns but I am not there yet to give priority to these concerns .All I care for now is I have to enjoy these moments of life and slowly learn to let them go whenever they want to and most of all whenever I have to . I can’t be this over protective nag in every time in their life . Isn’t bringing a change in yourself the most important thing than changing things around you?  It’s been 3 years since I entered motherhood but the overprotective me has just started  to learn to be at ease sometimes.


I have definitely enjoyed the phase and to cherish many more such phases of our life together .i feel very much lucky enough to have witnessed and experience these simple joy of motherhood.

Happy 1st Birthday Ojas!!

You turn 1 today!!

While writing this I am so nostalgic about those 12 months which have just passed like a flash. Every minute of those 12 months have been an amazing journey for me

You have bared all of my ramble and loved me by just being with me and wanting me to be with you.

You make your sister happy and always bared her innocent hits.


We love you more than anything else in this world. As I have always told,You complete us as a family! Its your sheer presence which has bought all the world to me.

Its your special day and I wish for all the happiness in this world should belong to you and be with you all your life.

Have a Onederful Birthday  my dear son!!


Happy Birthday Jaanu -100th post

What can be a better day to post my 100 th post other than Jaanu’s birthday!!  ??

Hi  Jaanu !!!

Its been three years already!! I thought of jotting down the best moments with you .

I keep juggling the moments as to choose which were the best. Factually speaking there are few which I forgot and reminded of while I started writing this post.

* ) Your utter ridiculous talk is like a music to my ears something which I keep listening to all day along.

*) The way you show your temper is actually a fun time for us Sweety! You reject everything when you are upset with something saying “Venaa ” (I don’t want it) and when we used to say ” Its(Laughter)  getting down from your nose to your mouth ”  You burst out a loud laughter with still  little tears trickling down.

*)You cannot stand your brother’s tears.

*) The way you call your brother’s name ” Ojas  manamalan” Its actually ” Ojas Manavalan”

*) You can touch your nose with your tongue. When ever I try doing it, you show me how to do it  with smirking face and make me go OMG! when you do the same with your runny nose (Eeeeew!)


*) You insist on NOT holding your hands while walking these days probably you are aware that we are right there to back you up.

*) You are quirky little girl always ready for hugs ,kisses and snuggles 🙂

There are thousands of such moments which I might have missed out to mention but remember there is not a single moment where I have missed enjoying those with you .Every birthday of you brings more joy to my life and our life as a parent and as a family.Seeing you grow makes my heart to sob into the sadness but I often tell myself that ” How can I be sad, that time is passing? That’s what supposed to happen ..Sometimes as parents we are seeing mini-me(s) in you. You are a real good amalgamation of US .With every new day you engulf us in your love and loveliness . The way you have embraced these three years of my life is a bliss and  I am glad that you are mine ( Ours)  

LEts hope and pray to have a beautiful  birthday together as a family ! May you be blessed with everything you deserve, 

Happy Birthday Darling !!  


My son stops crying the moment he sees his sister.He looks at her in amusement and bllinks slowly.
After she starts talking shouting to him in absolutely cheerful voice, he gets scared and starts crying then mommy has to make her presence to make him smile widely.
Jaanu was the first one to witness Ojas’s rolling over.She came running to me saying ‘ thambi thimbran thimbran'( brother is rolling over) and few moments later I witnessed something more interesting,

Jaanu was standing near him and saying ‘common,common,common’  with her two hands clapping and cheering up her crying brother who was in a #dontknowwhatodonext state(he rolled over, remember???)

Once we(Vasanth,myself,jaanu n OJ in the stroller) were back from a walk and getting inside the elevatorJaanu got inside first and exclaimed saying ‘jakrathe'(Be Careful) we laughed out real loud.Lucky! we were the only people over there.

There are times when Jaanu wants my attention to an extent that she stuffs OJ’s mouth with a toy or her hands in an attempt to stop him from crying but while doing this she keeps saying ‘azhathe thambi’ in a adorable squeeky voice.These lovely stuff makes my day worth every second.

Love for Dad

I was on the verge of finishing my cooking, Jaanu came running demanding ‘chapathi’.Thinking she is hungry I handed over a piece of roti . She loves to eat just raw dough.I warned her saying I am going to give just one time. She agreed and took the ball of dough. But she kept it back on counter top .I was really tired of morning chores but before I start talking she snatched the roller pin from me and started rolling on dough saying ‘appa chapathi’ .


The small one was on demand from me yet she declared it for her dad again.