There are 2 ends on this earth! !!

One end where a girl wants everything on her plate neatly arranged and eats with her finger tips.


And on the other, a boy who keeps licking the little of gravy on the plate while the rest is smothered all over his face



My little girl and her little school!!

Phew!!!! I know that’s not a right word to start any post but that’s the exactly how I felt while I was bringing my daughter back home from her first day at school. Now as I have let out a big sigh of relief ,Its time to start talking about the experience called  “SCHOOL” (Pre-School to be precise) In the beginning , We were not so keen on getting her into a preschool as being a stay at home I can very well take care of my girl till she starts with a proper school at right age. But being aware of the fact that there is a mismatch between Jaanu’s energy and activities she does at home.She definitely  needed something extra which I was not able to provide her being little pre-occupied with my son. We decided on sending her to a preschool for few hours a day. Now as the decision was made ,I was getting more and more anxious about the way she is going to take it.

Scenarios :

1.Cry,Cry,Cry Everywhere.

2.Happy Happy Happy Everywhere.

3.Cry first Happy rest.

Every good occasion should always have a good beginning so we  arranged for a  “Akshara abhyasam” ceremony for her which means she is supposed to begin reading /writing only after writing ‘Hari ohm’ on paddy grains.


pattupavadai modified

Fears I had:

1.Waking her up in early hours.


3.Finish her Milk

4.Fast Bath( she loves to play with water which definitely is not a good idea for morning rush)


6.Crying while going to school/ refusing to leave.

7. Refuse to eat at school.

Jaanu being a night person,I was quiet sure the day is going to be very hectic but to my surprise she checked all my boxes like a trooper  until before step 5. Out of all reasons,she cried for wearing the beautiful silk dress given by her grandparents. Cry,Cry and Cry scenario checked.She refused to sit down for ceremony and even refused to go to her father n rejected everything saying ‘vendam’ .The only thing ran into my head ” probably extra cloth incase she vomits?” After the ceremony fiasco,I was pretty sure how her day is going to be but the moment she wore her little butterfly bag. She said ” Amma,sikiram va ,time aachu’- repeated after her father.she was excited about going out for real with her little butterfly bag.

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We reached school ,met her teacher and she educated that its natural that all kids get cranky on their first day . In Fact parents are more emotional than their children so we have to be strong and she gave a reassuring pat on my arm. Ok! I accept I was nervous but not that obvious.

Teacher carried Jaanu and asked me to stay where I was standing .I heard Jaanu saying ‘amma’ and stood there watching my girl go hopefully in safe arms. I was happy.I so wanted to go and snatch her n go back home. Its not about me anymore. We were called after she got settled in her play area.Teacher asked me to have a look at her without being seen by her. She was playing wondering about her family yet bold enough not to ask about us. It was her meal time. I chuckled and gave smile to my mother in law.Mother-in-law told teacher ,she is a fussy eater and we all came back to waiting area. Teacher came out in 15 minutes and informed us ,she is done with her meal.”As usual she is being herself. Doing the opposite of what we say. Its all good for me if its good for her!”


She came out all shining and sparkling with happiness, showing off a hand printing to us with utmost pride . She also received a pack of chocolate biscuits for good behavior.It was indeed ecstatic moment. I realized that I had checked the wrong scenario .It  was 3.Cry first Happy rest indeed. Phew! – the one I began this post with ?? It was for myself and not for my doll.Finally I made it without crying and create a scene like an emotional brat.

She came back home and wanted to do Akshara Abhyas all by herself :