There are 2 ends on this earth! !!

One end where a girl wants everything on her plate neatly arranged and eats with her finger tips.


And on the other, a boy who keeps licking the little of gravy on the plate while the rest is smothered all over his face



Oh! Boy

This is something I love to write about . ie my kids.
My 16 month old boy is suddenly big boy now. He jumped from being a baby to all learning mode.
Adorable things he can do:
If I ask who is Ojas,  he pats his small ponch .
I say namaste, he folds his hand to do namaste
If I say clap he claps his hands
Say huggy, he will look for his sister to hug. Myself and vasanth are not fortunate enough for that yet.
He can understand what Comes next very well . ex . While vasanth starts wearing his shoes in morning he says,  “ba ba” he knows vasanth is going to leave and stands by him so that he can take him out.
He got the idea that u have to keep the receiver on our ear to  talk.
He needs everyone in the house to be with him. If any one of us leave he cries, very very bad.

He is one angry young man, if you stop (even warn him) of not so good behavior, he growls and lies flat on the ground and throws tantrums(gene coding)

This wierd Al has a comfort blanket, a real blanket as a comfort blanket. He bites it  just like a puppy holds a toy in its mouth n growls if any body tries to snatch it.

He says poochi, muchi , Amma, ppa, eyes (keeps his index finger on his eye) if we say kissi he showers flying kisses keeping his palm on his mouth instead of taking it away like in a traditional flying kiss ..

He plays with car, to my curiosity I tried giving him doll, he either pushes it away or bites it hard so that he can get few beatings from his sister for doing it.

He shows just two emotions smile and cry but most of the time smiles make a higher count.
We call him a ” happy feet dancer” he taps his legs just like that little penguin in movie’ Happy Feet’ .I just love this easy breezy boy.

Every time I see my kids I say this every time. THEY GROW SO FAST.
Each person  have their own perception , there are people who might  be worried about what’s next, school, emi , life insurance, house, a good future for them etc. I won’t say that those are not my concerns but I am not there yet to give priority to these concerns .All I care for now is I have to enjoy these moments of life and slowly learn to let them go whenever they want to and most of all whenever I have to . I can’t be this over protective nag in every time in their life . Isn’t bringing a change in yourself the most important thing than changing things around you?  It’s been 3 years since I entered motherhood but the overprotective me has just started  to learn to be at ease sometimes.


I have definitely enjoyed the phase and to cherish many more such phases of our life together .i feel very much lucky enough to have witnessed and experience these simple joy of motherhood.