Jaanu turns 5!!

Birthdays of my children are one of the best inspiration for me to write.It gives me a chance to wish them ,have a record of their day as they are not going to remember as and when they grow .Another obvious reason is to boast off what I did for them.

Jaanu wanted a bi cycle for her last birthday but we thought that’s not the right time and told her that she will get a bike for her 5th birthday.She said ok with her sad little voice but never cried or threw tantrums. When ever she used to see her friends riding bike at school she used to look at me and re-assure that she will be getting bike for her 5th birthday.I absolutely adore this gesture of hers. She showed complete trust on us and waited a year with above and beyond patience.

So we thought she must be rewarded for that and it’s gonna be obvious gift for her but she earned it herself. Vasanth had a official visit to London (btw ,we are back to our motherland )and when he asked what she wants she gave a big explanation” I want a pink bike which has a baby seat at the back and training wheels on sides along with pink helmet, pink gloves,knee and hand protectors and don’t forget the pink ribbons on the handlebar ”

Vasanth took a short break just to be with her for her birthday and brought the cycle along. Kids were sleeping when he arrived ,we hid the bike under our bed so that it will be a surprise for her. The moment kids woke up they were swarming him like honey bees, asking for chocolates..Vasanth told Jaanu that he has a surprise for her but will be shown only on her birthday.

While I was talking to Vasanth my little girl had a sneak peak in Vasanths luggage and I think she kind of knew what was her surprise after seeing her helmet in his suitcase. We had a good laugh when we saw her looking around for her bike. Curiosity eats you Isn’t it ?? What surprised me was She never asked about her bike.

Her bike didnt come with pink ribbons which was one of her requirement .Luckily I had a pink ribbon at home and tied them to the handle. We arranged everything for her morning surprise. As usual by the time we were done it was mid night and we whispered happy birthday in her ears ,this time daddy wished her first.

On her D day we woke her up and to our surprise our little prince got up and started saying “happy birthday” along with us. He showered jaanu with hugs n kisses and we asked her to get out of the bed and come out. She came out of the room with a smile like she already knew .she looked at her gifts and wanted to ride the bike. It was real pleasure and relief to see her getting on that bike and have a little round inside home.



I made a tiara cake for her and gulab jamun. Showed her all the lovely gifts her grand parents sent ¬†exclusively for her.we also gifted her with a small table rose flower pot so that kids can water them everyday .The flowers bloomed the next day ūüôā

Evening had a little party with her friends and virtual family (grandparents were watching online) she loves Frozen movie and luckily the place where we ordered had a cake with the same theme.


It was really lovely to watch kids scream,fight/cry for balloons ,enjoy cake .It made my blowing balloon task all worth while.To my surprise kids were more keen on eating enough cake. They liked spicy stuffs more than sweet.
I gathered small party favors for kids .It was absolute delight to watch them open it the very same moment with utmost curiosity on their faces..After everyone were gone Vasanth made jaanu wear all her gears and took her out ¬†for a ride. There are few moments in life which are totally worth it and I would certainly say this was it. Vasanth went back to London the very same night. The next day I woke up and felt like I had a best dream felt happy and content that we were able to be together on Jaanu’s special day. We are blessed.


P.S . Jaanu likes Gulab jamun thats the reason I made them specially for her birthday but this girl tastes it and threw up the very next moment and FYI ,they were very yummy ,she just didn’t feel like eating them. After 2 days she asks me the same thing when it’s almost all gone.There are times when I wonder whether I know my children or they are unpredictable. I think I can say they are unpredictable. ūüôā

Love u my dear girl,God bless you


Apple jam

We had a visit to a farm as one of the gift for Ojas’s birthday.Generally our birthday celebrations are spending time together as a family than partying if you want to put it selfish perspective,I don’t want to take a hassle of managing more people right on this special day and as long as kids don’t wish for it we are not going to think about it.

So we thought may be visit to a farm will be something which my kids will enjoy and it will be nice personal and private moment as a family . In london, how much ever you plan a trip in advance ,it all depends on rain and luckily, that day was clear so we got ready in fractions of second and were there in the farm within 2 hrs.

Ojas ran into sticky dirty fields of apples,pears,spinach,broccoli carelessly splashing into puddles and wanting to put his hands in soil. Few passers by were encouraing him saying “soil is tasty ,common put it in ur mouth and trouble mommy” Jaanu, on the contrary made a fuss about getting dirty initially but somehow the red apples lured her and she started enjoying getting dirty.Ojas picked up everything he could see and threw them into basket.kids were really happy to do this . I know i cannot give them this big farm often to run around everyday and its best feeling when these moments falls into right place at the right time of our life .The gratification of silent observer despite being a part of it made my day and more importantly made my kids happy with big smiles.

We had two big bags of merchandise worth few £. The eldest in our family agreed for this farm trip with a bribe of making jam of what ever i buy over there hence it resulted in a post about me bragging about the apple jam.

5 big apples
1 to 2 cup sugar  (depends upon how much sweet one prefers )
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp cinnamon

How i made it:
1.Peel and chop the apples in small peices and put them in icecold water to stop them from browning
2. Drain water and transfer them in a hard bottom pan
3.Turn on the heat and let them cook for 10 minutes
4.Add sugar,salt cinnamon and keep stirring
5.let it reduce till it becomes glossy (may be for 40 minutes to 1 hour in low flame)
6. After its completely cold transfer it to sterilised jars.

It was a success indeed.



Birthday of 4 year old!!!

Yes! ! She is 4 years old now, Ask her how old are you? And you will get to hear “I am 4 years old” along with careful counting of 4 fingers and pressing thumb with the help of other hand. She understands birthday now and also that they are special.

‘Mummy (with high British accent), where is my birthday party? And presents?’ She happens to watch a random birthday party celebration video on the television and got the idea that birthday means party.
I must say ceebeebies channel has helped her gain that accent and lots of new words to her own little dictionary . We planned a special trip for her to ceebeebies land . She loves lots of shows and we thought it would be nice to make them come to life for her.
As I knew we are going to take her there so I kept telling her we are going to ceebeebies land and she is going to ¬†meet all her favourite characters . She gave it a thought to say “No, I want to see only in tv” Imagine a face of me totally worried that plan might backfire.
Adding to my worries it rained, actually poured that day . As feared my daughter was just not interested in anything other than burying her face on her father’s shoulder. I pulled her from him and took her to ‘In the night garden’ ride. Imagine a giant bulb lit face of my daughter . The only thing I heard after that was squeaks, shrieks, giggles and guffaws. Finally! !!She talks about ceebeebies land every day after that and asks me to pack bags so that we can meet someone there.

For a 4 year old this place is awesome, definitely needs lot of expansion and improvement to make it like Disney land or better. But this itself was wholesome fun for my 4 yr old.

Few days before her birthday I asked her what cake she wants for her birthday , a princess cup cake or lots of butterfly on the cake, she immediately screamed butterfly . I tried my best to make one.

As usual some balloons,cake and a digital celebration with loved ones who were present virtually ( Web casting ) I was happy to see her squeal when she saw cake and told “lots n lots of butterfly”
She refused to eat butterflies only after being told that those are sugar candy , she ate them. I gave myself a big pat on my shoulder to make a 4 year old believe that I laid real butterfly on her cake. My cake was grand success and so was her mini birthday party.

Thank god she did not ask for big presents ūüôā . I bought her tiara, fairy wings and wand just in case if she asks for a gift . After seeing that she wears them every freaking day and swooshes the wand on her brother when ever he upsets her, I have never asked what she intend to do by doing that action, it’s quiet understandable she wants him to turn into a frog or puppy but why to bother.

I am thankful every day for these little moments I share with my loves of life.


As name¬† already implies the real purpose of this post I’m just going to start with how we celebrated his birthday.
On 19th october

As our little family tradition ,we made a simple time capsule for our son.

Ojas is fond of wheels,  wheels of car, stroller, toys etc..anything that looks like a wheel too, so I decided to bake a cake and tried my best to make it look like a wheel

We printed our pics on a T-shirt and saved the same as a gift from Jaanu for her brother

On Oct 20

Ojas got up in middle of his sleep as I was busy with something I asked Vasanth to take care of him as Vasanth got him out of bed I wished him “Happy Birthday ” ¬†As soon as I wished him Vasanth says I was waiting for 12 :00 am ¬†then I told him its 12 already (with wicked smile on my face as I wished him first just like I did for Jaanu)

In morning we asked all our family members to come online and wish him on his special day

We headed to temple and started with a cake cutting ceremony as soon as we reached home

With all our family members online I released the cake to Ojas  and the moment he saw the cake he started attacking it with tiny little fingers. He was indeed wearing a cake wrap all over him. I was very happy to watch this. All the effort I took made so much sense despite of the mess he was making. Our family members enjoyed watching Ojas smothered in cake

Jaanu got the first bite and also few more now and then

The most wonderful thing that happened this day was Ojas took his first 2 steps .

With blessings of god and all our elders in family We had a fun filled and totally satisfied day.

We ended our day by dining out . I definite that Ojas is going to think why did mom get rest on my birthday (after reading this post)

His star birthday falls on nov 7th and we consider that as our official first birthday celeberations.

We do the following

Pierce the ears of baby,

Give him rice for the first time( Anna Prahashna)

We designed an invitation all by ourselves.

ojas1 ojas2

With loads of people around It was indeed a grandeur and Ojas enjoyed a good company of his cousins and little aunt.

misc 280

Unfortunately my computer crashed after uploading the pics and the super intelligent me did not even keep the copy in the camera hence no pictures of cake

Happy Birthday Jaanu -100th post

What can be a better day to post my 100 th post other than Jaanu’s birthday!! ¬†??

Hi  Jaanu !!!

Its been three years already!! I thought of jotting down the best moments with you .

I keep juggling the moments as to choose which were the best. Factually speaking there are few which I forgot and reminded of while I started writing this post.

* ) Your utter ridiculous talk is like a music to my ears something which I keep listening to all day along.

*) The way you show your temper is actually a fun time for us Sweety! You reject everything when you are upset with something saying “Venaa ” (I don’t want it) and when we used to say ” Its(Laughter) ¬†getting down from your nose to your mouth ” ¬†You burst out a loud laughter with still ¬†little tears trickling down.

*)You cannot stand your brother’s tears.

*) The way you call your brother’s name ” Ojas ¬†manamalan” Its actually ” Ojas Manavalan”

*) You can touch your nose with your tongue. When ever I try doing it, you show me how to do it  with smirking face and make me go OMG! when you do the same with your runny nose (Eeeeew!)


*) You insist on NOT holding your hands while walking these days probably you are aware that we are right there to back you up.

*) You are quirky little girl always ready for hugs ,kisses and snuggles ūüôā

There are thousands of such moments which I might have missed out to mention but remember there is not a single moment where I have missed enjoying those with you .Every birthday of you brings more joy to my life and our life as a parent and as a family.Seeing you grow makes my heart to sob into the sadness but I often tell myself that ” How can I be sad, that time is passing? That’s what supposed to happen ..Sometimes as parents we are seeing mini-me(s) in you. You are a real good amalgamation of US .With every new day you engulf us in your love and loveliness .¬†The way you have embraced these three years of my life is a bliss and ¬†I am glad that you are mine ( Ours) ¬†

LEts hope and pray to have a beautiful  birthday together as a family ! May you be blessed with everything you deserve, 

Happy Birthday Darling !!  

Having a Nice Day!

My mood swings are way up the charts these days and I wanted a calm me for a long time but my mind kept playing games.

I was getting agitated for small or no reasons at all. I was anticipating an outburst and next day this happened…

Aug 4th 2012 :

A small cake, a beautiful cookbook,surprise flowers at the door, fresh morning coffee on our couch (with no interference),comfort lunch,good afternoon nap,olympics on tv,dinner on demand.Lots and lots of blessings and wishes from family and friends.

Yes!! I had an amazing Birthday.

I love special occasions and the celebrations that comes with it,
 irrespective of how small or grandeur.Lots of people might not even consider it as having a good day. Even I can never enjoy sitting at home doing nothing. But I did. I was happy and content,what else could I ask for?

Its well said that find hapiness in small things instead of expecting a bigger one ,life will be more beautiful and worth living.
Its easier said.. but if one can realize it they will be happy already.
I must agree I am in pursuit…

Thanks to my little family for making my day.