Ojas musings

Charming and clever goes hand in hand when it comes to describing Ojas these days.
He goes to school  with a happy face and I have heard a lot of stories about him being showered by kisses from his friends and teachers in the class ,sometime there were demands for kisses from his side too and no one hesitates to do that either. I was worried a lot in the beginning but the routine is set now. During one of the PTM(parent teacher meeting) teacher was talking about him and after she finished talking he winked and smiled at teacher she exclaimed “Mam,this is how he charms us ”

He is extremely outgoing yet needs his mommy to put the freaking paste on his brush and if anyone else does that (even offer)he won’t look around for tidier place to throw that temper tantrum,he just has to sit right there in toilet. His crying is louder day by day.he can’t tell a secret because he just can’t talk soft. It’s too difficult of task for him and literally thinks of it as a punishment . He understands my poker face (when I am extremely frustrated with him) very well. He keeps smiling and winking and I just blurt out a laugh and that’s it he wins his way. If I held his hand a little harder than usual he complaints saying “my mum hurt me “out loud in public.

I love this phase of child where they interpret things differently like when we went out to a restaurant and ordered a juice which came with a bendy straw facing down out of the glass .

Ojas guffawed n says “oh ,amma the straw is dead we cannot drink with that”

While we were travelling in our car,a biker (extremely fair complexion)passed by who wore a white hoodie ,white helmet with black sunglasses. At the signal he looked at Ojas and smiled but Ojas hides behind me saying “amma,skeleton smiling at me and it is scary” I was totally clueless until I saw the biker and cracked up. Lucky that biker didn’t know.

During one of the temper tantrums episodes he was sitting on staircase leading to the  floor above ours and we called him to come down as he went one level up(probably his Ego took him one level up) but this guy couldn’t accept he made a mistake and  says” I’m going to some other home I’m not going to come with you.” Emotional blackmailing is not Teens/Preteens thing anymore

We were discussing angry bird movie ad he says “You are the Pig(in angry bird movie) and I like bomb(the black bird) which bursts and squishes the pigs who make funny noises which I don’t like ”

He is very good at playing UNO cards and Dominoes , still loves to follow his sisters instructions and a proud lover of his blanket. I asked him once who he loves the most “blankie or amma ” he said “amma blankie” he refused to chose one .


I am happy on seeing him talk ,laugh,giggle ,throw tantrums and start laughing right in the middle of a meltdown.I consider them progress in their own way. Though I hate the fact that they are growing fast because faster they grow lesser I can cuddle them and shower them with kisses .Love you my little weirdo!!!!


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