As name  already implies the real purpose of this post I’m just going to start with how we celebrated his birthday.
On 19th october

As our little family tradition ,we made a simple time capsule for our son.

Ojas is fond of wheels,  wheels of car, stroller, toys etc..anything that looks like a wheel too, so I decided to bake a cake and tried my best to make it look like a wheel

We printed our pics on a T-shirt and saved the same as a gift from Jaanu for her brother

On Oct 20

Ojas got up in middle of his sleep as I was busy with something I asked Vasanth to take care of him as Vasanth got him out of bed I wished him “Happy Birthday ”  As soon as I wished him Vasanth says I was waiting for 12 :00 am  then I told him its 12 already (with wicked smile on my face as I wished him first just like I did for Jaanu)

In morning we asked all our family members to come online and wish him on his special day

We headed to temple and started with a cake cutting ceremony as soon as we reached home

With all our family members online I released the cake to Ojas  and the moment he saw the cake he started attacking it with tiny little fingers. He was indeed wearing a cake wrap all over him. I was very happy to watch this. All the effort I took made so much sense despite of the mess he was making. Our family members enjoyed watching Ojas smothered in cake

Jaanu got the first bite and also few more now and then

The most wonderful thing that happened this day was Ojas took his first 2 steps .

With blessings of god and all our elders in family We had a fun filled and totally satisfied day.

We ended our day by dining out . I definite that Ojas is going to think why did mom get rest on my birthday (after reading this post)

His star birthday falls on nov 7th and we consider that as our official first birthday celeberations.

We do the following

Pierce the ears of baby,

Give him rice for the first time( Anna Prahashna)

We designed an invitation all by ourselves.

ojas1 ojas2

With loads of people around It was indeed a grandeur and Ojas enjoyed a good company of his cousins and little aunt.

misc 280

Unfortunately my computer crashed after uploading the pics and the super intelligent me did not even keep the copy in the camera hence no pictures of cake


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