Jaanu’s Schooling!!

I have mentioned several times in this blog that my daughter is a people person.She loves to charm others by her smile and  enthusiasm . There is obviously lots of energy required to manage this girl.

As a mother I was apprehensive of how she is going to behave in her school and how teachers are going to manage her??  As her first few days were way normal I was relieved that she is a happy kid when it comes to school.

Just after her school re opened we observed a little bit of crying scenario. She used to be happy kid till we  reach her van  and the moment I let her go off me she used to tie her legs n hand around me tightly and cry but the helper snatched  her from me  and asked me to leave immediately. Jaanu used to see me through the window with a  teary face still biding bye. I so wanted to get into that van with her.

I came back home and  told Vasanth how she cried .I told” I am reluctant to send her off to school like this”. Vasanth said its just a phase of her life and She will get over it. I forced Vasanth to drop her next day.As he said our daughter is now happy kid leaving for school. She get’s up on Saturday and says “time aachu”. We remind her that its a “off ” .

Obviously,a school where you just play with toys ,colors ,papers and friends and come back home is going to be absolute favourite for anyone.

I am skeptical that when she is will go to an actual school,She is definitely going to ask me to take her to  pre-school.

Influence of Schooling:

There are times when I have called out for JAanu without realising that she’s in her school.

All of a sudden she starts singing with little bit of hand gestures and stops when I start admiring her .Sigh!

She has started saying few Hindi words rather few Hindi sentences 🙂 Its so funny to see her talking ” Paani peeni chaiye”  that’s what she told for “I want to drink water” instead of saying “Paani peena hei”

She is trying to communicate a lot using words rather than actions or gestures.

She is improving in her eating habits.

When ever I ask her what she does in school she says “mumum sapten” (I ate food). I believe that she thinks i am concerned only about her eating and nothing else Sigh!!

I am loving the experience so far let’s see what’s in store for us 🙂

She surprises us at times by singing rhymes which we are not at all aware of. All day I keep pestering her to  tell what she learns and all it takes to make this girl sing is “not to ask for it” .Weird Al toddler !!!

Her Artsy Craftsy things ,which she’s been doing in pre-school



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