Happy Birthday Jaanu -100th post

What can be a better day to post my 100 th post other than Jaanu’s birthday!!  ??

Hi  Jaanu !!!

Its been three years already!! I thought of jotting down the best moments with you .

I keep juggling the moments as to choose which were the best. Factually speaking there are few which I forgot and reminded of while I started writing this post.

* ) Your utter ridiculous talk is like a music to my ears something which I keep listening to all day along.

*) The way you show your temper is actually a fun time for us Sweety! You reject everything when you are upset with something saying “Venaa ” (I don’t want it) and when we used to say ” Its(Laughter)  getting down from your nose to your mouth ”  You burst out a loud laughter with still  little tears trickling down.

*)You cannot stand your brother’s tears.

*) The way you call your brother’s name ” Ojas  manamalan” Its actually ” Ojas Manavalan”

*) You can touch your nose with your tongue. When ever I try doing it, you show me how to do it  with smirking face and make me go OMG! when you do the same with your runny nose (Eeeeew!)


*) You insist on NOT holding your hands while walking these days probably you are aware that we are right there to back you up.

*) You are quirky little girl always ready for hugs ,kisses and snuggles 🙂

There are thousands of such moments which I might have missed out to mention but remember there is not a single moment where I have missed enjoying those with you .Every birthday of you brings more joy to my life and our life as a parent and as a family.Seeing you grow makes my heart to sob into the sadness but I often tell myself that ” How can I be sad, that time is passing? That’s what supposed to happen ..Sometimes as parents we are seeing mini-me(s) in you. You are a real good amalgamation of US .With every new day you engulf us in your love and loveliness . The way you have embraced these three years of my life is a bliss and  I am glad that you are mine ( Ours)  

LEts hope and pray to have a beautiful  birthday together as a family ! May you be blessed with everything you deserve, 

Happy Birthday Darling !!  


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