A trip to Happy Land-Vacation

I have been thinking about writing  for past 2 n half months. Today its almost a 3 months since our vacation and I chose today to actually write about this. There are moments in people’s life which stays with them for ever. This vacation is one such moment for me. Frankly speaking I was not much excited about this trip rather anxious will be the right emotion because two little children in a hot desert will be a nerve wracking situation for anyone and on top of it expecting it to be a marvelous is utter foolishness. The only thing we made sure was not to do too much of planning and not to travel beyond 8 pm. Our travel plan was Jaipur- Chittorgarh-Udaipur-Dariba-Ranakpur-Jaisalmer for 6 days

Jaipur(pink City)

I always wondered why it was called so? I didn’t find it pink (even shades of pink)It was Old, yet with all the grandeur. People have maintained the old british/mughal construction of streets and shops. I was able to see Nike,Adidas,benetton showrooms in old warehouse buildings! We were welcomed at hotel by loud dholak music and colorful foreigners(literally), It was ‘holi’.
Jaanu playing Holi with Firang kid Almost all tourist attractions were closed because of it. Vasanth( not so fond of holi) after getting  enthu out of grand welcome says’ I’m going to celebrate holi with Jaanu n others out there ‘ I opted to stay in room with my son who was definitely not happy with loud noisy music.Father and daughter enjoyed their day. I loved the way Jaanu used to hug me so that colors from her body can be transferred onto me.After a wash we were ready to go out for little shopping. Hawa Mahal,Jal Mahal,panna meena step well,amer fort and little bit of shopping made Jaipur worthy of stay.

Jal Mahal - Jaipur

Can I swim?


Chithode Garh

Its a famous and beautiful city built within big long walls.The even more famous Meera bai – a greatest devotee of Lord Krishna, has sung beautiful and divine songs praising Him in this place. It was really pleasant to see that serene place.

ChittorGarh Tower - Meera Bhai was imprisoned

Udaipur(The white city)

I have past connection to this place and moreover I was meeting someone really special. Madhavi aunty-my mom’s best of buddy.I have known aunty for almost 23 years and she has been part of happiest time of my life-childhood. I was on my toes already when we reached Udaipur.I couldn’t recognize the girls (Shruti and Surabhi) wondering how much they have grown.After a day long travel I was still energetic to talk and reckon all the things about Dariba.A big welcome ,loving family and home made paratha n sabji’s..It felt right and it felt just like home.Jaanu was in love with girls at very instant. She kept calling aunty and couldn’t stop talking about all the words she knew.They became best buddies.Udaipur by itself is a beautiful city. Its cosmopolitan unlike others.The city palace allured us with its grandeur and gave a good vision of a kings lifestyle and valor.

From there we could witness the white city (The houses were painted in white ) Fateh Sagar lake was calm and beautiful ,my boy enjoyed the cold breeze.He had the happiest face as you can see.

Sahelyon ki badi is a place where my dad has taken me when I was of my sons age. Jaanu played with almost all water fountains and appreciated each flora saying ” woww ! butiful yellow flor(flower)”-Imagine a Elmo -like eye  Jaanu here. ‘


Last but not least ,dinner at hotel Natraj. It used to be our family’s favourite eat out ,when ever we  had a chance to visit Udaipur.I remember gulping down 10 to 15 roti’s along with the Meethi Dal(sweet Dal) as a little girl. I remember that bairer who used to carry roti’s in a really big plate raised above  his head. (He had the best mustache ).Obviously I cannot expect the same person there but the taste of the food YUMMO ! Just like old times. Luckily Vasanth had a GaLA time eating that big thaali and my little girl had those bulky Gulab Jamuns.It was a very very good and naustalgic day.

Dariba -My Happyland

If anyone asks me which part of your life so far is the happiest,Just like anyone I would answer “childhood”. That word says it all. No responsibilities,No Worries about future,No real big goals,No plan for tomorrow and FAce the world as it treats you..I feel emotionally attached to this place as i spent most of childhood here with my family and family-like neighbours and friends,I  learned to make new friends here,My sister has lived here with me .I remember taking her for a walk in evening boasting off “She is my little sister”. My mother was the highly confident on me to send her for a walk with me (all on my own).I remember lot of minute things which this blogosphere will not suffice to write about.  My Rakhi brothers Govind,Vinu,Ganesh,Siddharth and my closest friends Chaitra,Kanchan,Khushboo,Radhika and RAju. They made my living even more happier there.


All the Aunties and Uncles who took care of me like their own. I just don’t remember how many homes I would have had my meals. Always “Cook for Neighbours” was motto of every home in Dariba.!! Dariba by itself was a home for me, I felt secure and happy there A decade later things obviously things tend to  change ,lots of apartments ,New Factory,renovated schools ,the place changed a lot but I hope people ‘s attitude remains the same.The best part in going to Dariba was to take VAsanth my kids along. I felt like I have taken them and shown them the best of best days of life.


Ranakpur Temple


Our next pit stop for lunch was Ranakpur temple.A beautiful architecture and a marvelous “Satvik Food” . Despite of the crowd the insides of temple gave me a calm feeling. I reckon taking turns with the kids as we had a big bulky stroller. I was there with my son and Vasanth went with Jaanu.  PHew!!!It was a hot day though. We were really wondering how Jaisalmer was going to be. Spent an hour there and proceeded for the last destination of our trip .

Jaisalmer(The Golden City)



A city named after king(Jaisal) and a mountain(Meru). Beautiful small city with beautiful ,beautiful,beautiful Haveli’s ,forts and houses built with golden sandstones.After sleeping like a log for the night next day we had a tour of haveli’s ,temples,painting shops  and the lifestyle of people who lived in those places.It was really intriguing to see the city in golden color because of sandstone used by people all over jaisalmer to build their houses .Came back to hotel and were waiting for our camel safari plan from our hotel manager.


There was a small misunderstanding and I was little furious about it. The funniest part was when myself and manager were having heated conversation   My son decides to giggle out loud at the manager. Manager couldn’t talk further and started laughing with him. The whole scenario was upside down. We patched up all of  a sudden and were delighted to proceed to desert. It was a mind blowing experience. It was the happiest the Jaanu I saw. She was jumping on the camel as her tiny little body couldn’t withstand the jerks but she enjoyed that ride with utter pride like a little queen .The desert seemed as calm as  I have always seen in pictures. I settled under the shade of a large sand dune 🙂 along with my son. WAtched my daughter play with sand on tip of the dune,My son as usual kept calm and didn’t cry at all other than being hungry or thirsty. We enjoyed the sun set in horizon

IMAG1521DSC00823 DSC00835 IMAG1517_BURST002_COVER

There was  traditional “Ghumar” dance performed  at camp fire and people over there witnessed some of my daughter’s dance too. AFter a nice dinner we came back to our room and while coming back we looked up and saw so many stars in the sky. It was breathtaking. Next day did little of shopping and reached almost the end of our wonderful vacation.Travelled in train waving goodbye to wonderful jaisalmer.

While in train and children asleep my self and Vasanth were just reckoning the best of best in bestest vacation.It was really a pleasure to experience and be part of a splendid vacation.



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