My little fella!

I have been noticing that one special person is not mentioned much in my blogosphere.
This special little man in our home deserves a post exclusively for being my sweetest ,cuddly boy.
I always say that time is flying @ light speed. OJ is 6 months old now and it feels like he was born just yesterday.

Things he can do :
He smiles(Extremely contagious) at everyone.
He is very sensitive to any noise/sound.
He is an early bird ,wakes me up every morning like an alarm.
He achieved one of first milestone -rolled over on 5th march.
He tries to crawl by shaking his hands and legs vigorously when he has a glimpse of his mommy (this accompanied by a wide mouth smile)
He can reach up to objects / toys he wants.
His favorite toy is newspaper(crushing them ) and crackling noise of plastic bags.
His favorite place is in front of refrigerator. He likes all the fridge magnets we have and I love the way his head wobbles when he gets excited on seeing them.
He is one calm fella.He observes everything around him with curiosity.
He loves to take bath.


I just love to watch him sleep. Give me whole day and still I would love to do that.Babies always have a kind of calm face while they are asleep.Who ever sees the sleeping baby ‘s face ,they always feel at peace and harmony.Probably that’s why they say ” sleeping like a baby” as it definitely brings happiness,calmness to ones life irrespective of where their life is taking them.

I am really thankful to God for giving this beautiful little fella to me and I bet I am going to cherish and love him as always.


Love you



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