My son stops crying the moment he sees his sister.He looks at her in amusement and bllinks slowly.
After she starts talking shouting to him in absolutely cheerful voice, he gets scared and starts crying then mommy has to make her presence to make him smile widely.
Jaanu was the first one to witness Ojas’s rolling over.She came running to me saying ‘ thambi thimbran thimbran'( brother is rolling over) and few moments later I witnessed something more interesting,

Jaanu was standing near him and saying ‘common,common,common’  with her two hands clapping and cheering up her crying brother who was in a #dontknowwhatodonext state(he rolled over, remember???)

Once we(Vasanth,myself,jaanu n OJ in the stroller) were back from a walk and getting inside the elevatorJaanu got inside first and exclaimed saying ‘jakrathe'(Be Careful) we laughed out real loud.Lucky! we were the only people over there.

There are times when Jaanu wants my attention to an extent that she stuffs OJ’s mouth with a toy or her hands in an attempt to stop him from crying but while doing this she keeps saying ‘azhathe thambi’ in a adorable squeeky voice.These lovely stuff makes my day worth every second.


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