Active Toddler and Fussy Eating!!! Some things which works for me.

If I think about my daughter in terms of worrying ,the first thing probably I would be thinking about is my girls eating habits. She is very fussy eater. She hates to eat anything that’s green and anyrhing having rice.Our regular and staple diet being rice I just cannot avoid that .The moment I bring her food in her bowl ,The first thing she does is bend her head with face down on the floor. If she does that at very beginning ,I am done for the day. I just cannot get any of that food into her.I make fun saying she has two modes ‘eating’ and ‘fussy’.
With the help of internet and elders at home these are few tricks that works for me.

1. Bribing with Juices- She loves juices and I know juice in between the meals will not be a good idea. But I make her finish her meal at the end of the day with added benefits of a juice. What else I can ask for?
2. Show or talk to her regarding her fav cartoon characters while eating.She obviously doesn’t realise what she’s eating but she is done with the meals for sure.
3. Some times let her go for a walk or ask her to bring one of her favorite toy from her room.She comes back ,tells me a story about the toy n gulps down while answering my questions
4. Giving her Veg chips or Applams (cracker like tortilla chips) her favorite . She eats them in between meal.I don’t give her fried ones but the baked ones.

Few things I do to improve the health benefits:
1. Add spinach and herbs like Coriander, parsley in her lentil curry which goes well with rice/Roti Or add lentill,veggies directly in flour and make roti out of it.
2.I make sure I give her at least one green or one type of lentil or one fruit in a day.
3.I add crushed pepper instead of heat from chillies.
4. In her evening snacks : Dry fruits are must with some rice or wheat pancakes ( I try to add powdered  flax or oats or raagi  in the flour mix)
5.I add half honey and half sugar in her fresh fruit juices.
6.She has new liking for I try to include that in her meals if she is in fussy mode.

I am aware that certain ideas are not good but that’s how it works with her.She is not big enough to understand that her meals are important for her health but she knows that she will get what she wants if she does a good job so for time being we follow and she leads.


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