Atlast! One post.

After a long long break of 4 months from my regular household chores I am finally back to the routine.
I must say I thoroughly enjoyed my time of opulence luxury and more than myself my dear daughter was extremely happy with so many people around.I reckon,we used to make her finish her meal only by bribing her a visit to the neighbours. She was heart of our community and not to mention she loved the attention.
When we were leaving she received a sendoff from a big crowd,everyone hugged n kissed her bye..I was extremely emotional seeing this and this girl was happy about going for a ride in the car(huh?!), I know she might not realise now but will be delighted later.
After a long travel ,we were welcomed by dad(jaanu’s) with a lovely ‘Welcome’ bouquet .It was the longest separation time for Vasanth from his kids.

Managing these lovely people does takes all of my time and the little difficulties did take toll on us but we are trying to get accustomed to a routine .
There are times when I am scared and anxious in situations like when I was  nursing OJ and Jaanu came running to me asking me to take her in my arms. Grand ma offered her the hug but she refused saying “amma” loud and clear. I was really helpless I wished  I had another pair of hands to hold my little angel.

I kept consoling myself that these situations might be icky to handle but it’s just a phase and we three have to go through it but definitely make the best of the situation.

“Nothing works other than being patient ”

I am wondering how our previous generations managed  having multiple children when I am rambling about just two . Imagining myself in their shoes gives me chills and they will be one of my “OMG” moments for sure.

Jaanu’s Today!

Jaanu is officially a fussy toddler in her eating habits. She hates milk these days and thinks that curds are also milk unless its mixed with rice,

She has rejected almost every vegetable which I make  except carrots (which indeed are declared ‘pallot’ in this house) but to my surprise she loves raw veggies Thank you “salads”.
she has fallen into junk trap.she loves all deep fried stuffs. A mental note for mom to start baking and make things as crunchy /healthy as possible.
She loves to go out and refuses to even turn towards our apartment she  holds anyone who come out of our building asks them to take her out so that I will not take her inside.

She often calls me (suwathi amma) .


(In this picture ,Jaanu is wearing a sweater which my mom knitted for me ,Phew!! I am getting old..)

She thinks crying will get her everything  and anything.  Intensity of her cries increases whenever Ojas cries.

Once she tried feeding her brother with her sipper ( we were lucky as the cup was empty)She tries poking his eyes to check whether he is sleeping.she does the same to me or vasanth too

We keep chanting ‘gentle’ mantra to our girl.

She is the last person to sleep in this house.

I think she believes everyone in this world are deaf, One of our neighbors calls her “loudspeaker”


(She is scared of sun light ..I wish she was really scared of something or someone 😦  )

She has started talking little lovely sentences. If I say ‘i love you ‘ she says ‘i love you too amma’

She says “ummupetta” instead of “uppu moottai” for a piggyback ride. I just love her gobbledygook.One thing I will miss for sure after she starts talking properly .

What’s up with OJ?

He knows me and my voice very well
He always smiles at me no matter how fussy he is.

He searches for me whenever I keep calling his name and his eyes stops rolling once he finds me in the crowd

He laughs loud when I raise my hands thinking that we are going to tickle him.


He is a cute little wiggly worm.

One of the beautiful things in baby bunching is ,one protects the other. Myself and Jaanu were watching a baby product commercial in tv.Jaanu exclaimed “Ojas! Ojas! Ojas baby” and came running to him n kissed him.she might be little annoyed by his recurring cries n fuss but I know she loves her little brother a lot and he will be grateful later.



4 thoughts on “Atlast! One post.

  1. Lovely swathi!!!!

    I wish to see Jaanu atleast once to hug and kiss her. The most important thing is her hair is very lovely. 🙂


  2. Superbly written. I started the first sentence and couldn’t stop till I hit the end. Waiting for my next trip to Gurgaon to see Jaanu & Ojas.

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