2 months already !

I was taking a video of Ojas smiling and I realized that he is 2 months old already.I was quiet aware of the fact that with babies time just flies,but with Ojas its like nitro fast.Obviously juggling between two babies( I still feel jaanu is a little baby) will make any mother feel this way. My enjoyment are far beyond explainable.
Ojas can do:
*My little boy can open his eyes wide
*He gives a giggly smile on hearing my voice or his granma’s voice.
* I love his coo’s n fuss when he finds no one around him.
* When we stretch our hands in his direction he lifts his little bum upwards- most adorable gesture to say “Take me in your arms..it feels good there”

* When I talk to him he looks at me with a smile on his face,a wink accompanied by a fast swimming in air.

Feeding him is the most precious time. Iam glad and feel immensely blessed to share that moment with him.Sometimes he stops nursing and smiles at me ,that one is to-die-for smile.I have told “i love you my boy ” every time when he does that n showered him with lots n lots of kisses ofcourse..
* He loves his hair, often found him holding them n cry( obviously he doesn’t know to unclench his hand to relieve flock of hair he is been holding) – this should be heartening to watch but for me ,a must send video for worlds funniest home video.
He is been a quiet and sweet fellow so far and mommy just adores him .



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