Welcome letter to my son

My dear boy,
On 20 oct I was chatting with my dad late night and he was concerened about my health.I assured him to be yet another sleepless night.
After we were done I wanted to turn around to my daughter to cuddle her.All I could do was move my toe a little. There was excruciating pain in my back.
It was 3 a.m and the next minute I realized my water broke.I gathered myself and asked my mom to pack our bags. Informed your father who was still in delhi and headed straight to hospital .
We were there at hospital along with your sister by 6. I wanted her to be there when you enter this world.

I was asked to wait and count my contractions. As time progressed, your heartbeat was invariably fast and doctor  decided to take you out via c-section.I asked the doctor exclusively not to give any sedatives so that I can witness your arrival.

At 12.17 I heard a loud cry. I was very happy. That’s the only time every mother gets happy eventhough her child is crying .That’s a happy music to her ears after everything she goes through .

I was informed about you being a boy with 3.4 kg weight .I saw you and I saw myself in you.Nurse allowed me to touch you. As usual I didn’t feel a thing.You had same soft skin like your sister.I said “hi” and all I could do after that was cry along with you.

Everyone were happy to meet you and by the time your father had arrived I was wide awake.When I saw my husband and daughter looking at you ,I was relieved ,I thought that’s my family standing there.

Thank you my dear boy, you have made my family complete .I love you. Welcome to this world.



5 thoughts on “Welcome letter to my son

  1. This is the earliest I saw a new born child! 2 day old Ojas Manavalan! I could not even see both my daughters early when they were born – a n act still chided by both my wife and daughters.. I planned to be there this time to see Ojas as soon he was born. Again, I was a trifle late this time too!! I was happy that the kid and mother were OK after the delivery. Real pleasure to hear my pet grand daughter proudly say “En Thambi” to me (meaning “my younger brother”). My best wishes for his long and healthy life ..

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