Little kido!!!

Hello my dear baby!

Its official that you are full term now(39 weeks already ).

The feeling of holding you in my arms is making my solicitude grow higher .I am having sleepless nights thinking and planning about your arrival.
My nesting instincts are terribly strong and I am quiet sure that the dday is close.
I thought this pregnancy is not going to be as special as my first. I was so wrong.I agree that I was more confident and courageous but interms of being special its no less than the first one.

You are growing everyday and I do understand how difficult it is for you to be in a cramped space but please ,be little gentle with me. Its neither my fault nor your’s.This is what mother nature has planned for us.You have to realize that your mother has everything ready for you in this part of world. All you have to do is come out at right time.Don’t get inspired by your sister n stay in me forever.

So till you arrive let’s enjoy this togetherness .While you let your mom get all the last minute pampering she can afford ,You can put on little of more chubbiness.

Eagerly waiting for your arrival 🙂



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