Letter to my girl….

Hey Jaanu,
There are so many things going on these days that I tend to lose track of jotting down your wonderful eventful days.

I keep a note of the sweet little moments in my head but bringing them over here is a real big work.One thing I can say for sure is that you are a people person.You are attracting everyone around either with your sweet winky smile or your loud voice and if nothing works you throw tantrums.

You have always been a non-stop chatter box with luscious blabbering ,but these days they are more of words,real words.One day you said ‘bathoom’,’monkey’,’shikapuk’,’thanni’.I could’nt relate these words at all but I am sure you were really trying to make sense.
You are an amazing learner,you can say and differentiate 10 basic colors and can identify and say all the alphabets.
You can match similar things.
Just like any toddler you have remarkable memory which scares us sometimes as you repeat and reuse the words very next moment.
You know where is sink and trash in this house and you drop all utensils in sink and garbage in trash,Mom’s big time helper. This doesn’t stop here,you say ‘Gujob’ If we forget to say that.

You can sense my tiredness or when ever I have any physical discomfort because you give me the best remedy – A gentle pat on my hand and a gentle hug.

You think that your toy’s wardrobe is yours,You take your barbies boots and wear them on your toes.

You share your stuffs with others at ease.

You are an ardent fan of ‘Mister Maker’ that arts n crafts king has inspired you so much that you crushed a newspaper and presented me saying ‘fawer'(Flower)

You always add ‘A’ syllable with every word you say. Like abird, aflower,amonkey
You have learnt to ask ‘Ithu aaru’ (who’s this?) with an accent of english women and you use that to ask any living or non-living thing.
You also say ‘thokkkee’ if you find something or someone you’ve been looking for.

The most enjoyable moment with you is the way you interpret situations.
I won’t say that you are always a happy-go-lucky girl, even you have moments which has irritated us to the core.

If we serve her food on her plate she says “porum porum”(its enough) in a most adorable way.

I always had a feeling that you think of my voice as a loudspeaker on a street corner (does anyone cares what’s been played there?) Or some kind of radio.You realize that I am in the house only if I stop interacting or instructing you just like realising that radio’s been playing for long time the moment you turn it off.
Situation we hate/love :
Playing with electronic appliances is a big ‘NO’ in the house yet you irritated your dad by playing with AC switch.Just to stop you from that he raised his hand saying he will hit you if you do that again
.You gave him wink and said ‘Hi-Fis’ by placing your tiny hands on his raised palm.
That was a bummer for us.We couldn’t stop ourselves from giving you a smile.I don’t know how you do that. Whether with intent or innocence ,we love it either ways.
On every situation you’ve surprised us with a turning points like these.You keep teaching us about perceiving things differently

I am quiet sure that I have missed lots of things here. But I am lucky enough to witness them myself .


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