Having a Nice Day!

My mood swings are way up the charts these days and I wanted a calm me for a long time but my mind kept playing games.

I was getting agitated for small or no reasons at all. I was anticipating an outburst and next day this happened…

Aug 4th 2012 :

A small cake, a beautiful cookbook,surprise flowers at the door, fresh morning coffee on our couch (with no interference),comfort lunch,good afternoon nap,olympics on tv,dinner on demand.Lots and lots of blessings and wishes from family and friends.

Yes!! I had an amazing Birthday.

I love special occasions and the celebrations that comes with it,
 irrespective of how small or grandeur.Lots of people might not even consider it as having a good day. Even I can never enjoy sitting at home doing nothing. But I did. I was happy and content,what else could I ask for?

Its well said that find hapiness in small things instead of expecting a bigger one ,life will be more beautiful and worth living.
Its easier said.. but if one can realize it they will be happy already.
I must agree I am in pursuit…

Thanks to my little family for making my day.



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