You are 2 !

Hi Jaanu!!!!

Happy Birthday Dear !! May God bless you with everything you wish for!!

When I was a kid, I used to watch a series ” I dream of genie” . In that The genie does all her magic by just hard long blink of her eyes.

In one blink I saw you holding in my arms and in other you were 1 and now you are 2.. I am blinking hard just like that genie to do some magic to stop this clock,to make this life a still and on the other hand a magic blink to make myself realise that You have to grow.. You have to hold your baby brother/sister in your hands..You have to goto School…. You have to teach ur sibling how to be cute & cuddly just like you…You have a whole life ahead of you and I just cannot use that pause button for my silly ideas…

 Remember one thing :  No matter what ,You will always have the pride of making me ‘Mom’ for the first time.

Happy Birthday my munchkin….Happy Birthday!!!

Fun part:

When I ask how old are you ?

You say “toooo”…

What’s your name ?


What’s your father’s name?


What’s your mother’s name?


What’s your name ?

Vasanth ..

Anything you ask now ..the answer is  ‘Vasanth’

What I feel?? Should have started with teaching you to answer What’s your mother’s name? question  first 😉

P.S.Thanks for reminding me that I have to say ‘Thank You’ everytime you come and give me a kiss whenever I ask for

Love youimage



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