Hello Again !! Lill Bean

Hey Lil Bean…

Happy 24th week !!!!

Hope you are aware that  I am trying to keep as warm and calm  as you want the place around you to be.  I am reading all those weekly developments of a womb ( eventhough i used to read it atleast thousand times when ur sister was there inside me ) and I just cannot wait to hold you in my arms..But please You need not listen to this request… All mommies do that..I will wait all 40 weeks… Do not worry !!!

You want to play with your sister so much that your  kicks and punches get intense when she gives kisses and talks to me..You are going to be one charmer just like Jaanu and I know that..  I am glad you supported me so long and bared all my shouts and screams and panic attacks ..Hang On lill Bean… Hang On…

Love you



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