There has been tremendous improvement in my little girl’s mimicing skills. But her reversible phonics are way beyond hilarious!

Things she can do..

She can say she wants to lie down and sleep –” Taachi”

If she wants to watch her cartoon she says ‘cheejeebees’ for Cbeebees

Whenever her cartoon characters hug each other ,she comes running to me saying ‘gupug’ for a  group-hug.

She says “angymees vanama” for ‘angry birds velayadalama’ ( shall we play angrybirds)

If she is way beyond happy she is a tumultuous person you can ever see on this planet ,throwing everything from shoe rack in all possible directions. There are times when Vasanth has to save his plate from any shoes..

She mimics the judges of reality tv shows like she is really enjoying what she is hearing… It’s the most funniest moment.

She says ‘bye’ to my maid and locks the door behind her.

She hugs her dad before he leaves to office. If he is lucky he is showered by ‘luv ooooo’s too. 

She needs at least two of her stuffy toys to watch tv..Its real fun to watch her explain everything to them in her gibberish talk and asks them whether they understood?? with ” huh?” at every pause..

She has learned that If Mom scolds goto Dad or if Dad scolds goto Mom.

If she wants me to give her some time she acts like she wants to goto potty.  I get cheated like this by her a lot of times and she winks and smiles If I raise my eyebrow..

She can say ‘ Elephant’ … YAY!!!

This girl can differentiate whether we are speaking Tamil or English.Ask her anything in english her answer is ‘EEYAHHH’ (in maximum excitement)

Once we asked her ‘Jaanu,Are you cute?’ She says ‘Eyahhh’ , Are you OK?? ‘Eyahh’ (It makes our heart fall out and laugh on the floor with its feet doing cycling in the air.)

I wonder at times, what I am going to do when my another little kiddy arrives.  I cannot think of how I am going to give equal attention to these tiny little wonders ..Jaanu amuses me everyday and so does the feeling of her becoming a big sister.She showers thousands of hugs and kisses on us. I hope and pray she does the same with her lill sister/brother.I reckon writing about her 1st birthday and in no time my little girl is about to turn 2. I don’t get enough time to love and adore her ..She consumes my maximum time and the best part is I am  consumed by her love and affection ,hugs ,kisses ,”love uuu’s” and I can go on,..

I second the saying  “Having a child is like your heart walking and playing right in front of you.”

We as parents worry so much about our children future that we overlook the fact of what person they are and what personality they have now… I would never want to do that. I will live every moment of my little angel with her and as her…

Small Wonder#

Love you



6 thoughts on “Improvement

  1. wondefully written …keep it up jaanu ..i hope she gonna make a great Sis when the baby comes ….instead of toys she will have take the little one to explain things i am sure 🙂

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