Sweet Little things!!

I was very much irritated by her tantrums one day and I told ‘I’m going to hit you’ and she replies ‘I love uuu’ .Who can keep a stern face after this ???

 After this fiasco, I gave it a thought that kids are able to sense the negative energy around them and they are smart enough to send them back to their den by showing love. Why ?? I don’t do that?? I didn’t have any answer. Love triumphs hatred. Easy to say but very hard to follow..

Sweet things.

We have been trying to train our little miracle about being a big sister. Sooner or later She is going to have a tough competition in this home. I am scared ,not about how she is going to handle it but me.Coming back to the training, We have been telling her that there is a baby in mom’s tummy.

One fine day she shows her tummy and says ‘Babeeeee’ It was surely a ROFL moment for us. I hope and pray she meant that she is a baby . 

If we do something which is beyond her approval.. She says ‘Saap’ (STOP) It irritates us most of time yet its sweet…

I have been trying to teach her say ‘Elephant’

Me: Say ‘El’

Jaanu: ‘El’













Me: Sigh!!!!

She says ‘Eechamum’ If she sees elephant or elephant toys…

I am so curious about how to needle thread the words in her mind.. It is difficult. But on the other side ,I have observed a different Jaanu at the park.She says all the words said by the other kids in park. She imitates what ever they do. She forces them to play with her by either holding their shirt or their hair.I just reassure myself that she is acting rowdy ‘coz she is just not able to communicate with them yet.

We have a toy for developing her motor skills.  Looks something like this.

 Please don’t mind the slimy finger prints.. She can do all motor activities but the fun part here is the way she does it. She opens them and says hi to the little animals hidden in them and before closing ,she bids them an adieu.

That’s all for now…

Love you



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