One fine day Myself and Vasanth were talking about kids and their behavior,He shared an interesting fact with me which he in turn got to know from his colleague.

He asks me : What are the questions which our brain ask most frequently?

Me: …..????

He answers : It always starts with What.

He asks me again : What question will be asked by kids like Jaanu?

Me: May be ‘Why’?

He answers : Yes,Kids always ask why first. Every part of our brain is designated for different questions. The outermost asks ‘What’,Next ‘How’ and the innermost for ‘Why’ .But for kids the outer and every part of their brain asks ‘Why’ at first.That’s the question which everyone should practice to ask in first place. As we grow our brain gets tuned to ask what and stop thinking beyond the box. So we should always teach our kids ‘Why’ we are letting them do or not letting them do certain things. Though we have to try practicing ourselves first.

Me: Good learning.

My daisy’s passport photo..She was so reluctant to sit alone to pose for the pic. Vasanth played with for a while..Made her sit on the stool ,the photographer clicked and this was the maximum we could get.


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