Banana flowers fritters(Vazhaipoo Vadai)

I hate this part of banana.. Probably the only flower I dont want to talk about but my Vasanth is fond of this thing..

Its a very healthy part of banana plant ,It has all essential vitamins and minerals for women which help them nurture a life in them. Just for this fact I decided to force myself to eat this thing  today .I came up with this simple fritters..


Banana flowers (cut and soaked in tamarind water -so that they dont change thier color.)

Soaked (1 cup -channa daal,1/3 cup Urad daal,1/3 cup Toor daal, 5 dry red chillies) for an hour

1/2 cup onion (optional)

1 tsp fennel seeds (optional)

1 strand curry leaves

Salt and Asfoetida to taste

Oil for Deep fry

How I made it:

1.Grind the Soaked ingredients into a semi smooth paste

2.Add banana flowers,cut onions,fennel seeds,curry leaves,salt and Asfoetida

3.Make small 1/2 tbs balls and flatten them a little .

4.Deep fry them in oil


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