Sometimes down and sometimes high…..

Every other person in this world feels lonely one time or other.. Irrespective of things happening around them or happening to them… You wait for that super power to take you up high on your spirits…. I feel that way when some one says something irrelevant to me… But the best part is It just vanishes once i think about my family.. about my cute little angel.. I admit and accept that She needs me and I definitely need her more than anything else…Thinking about her makes me feel proud.. Makes me feel I am here on this earth for something useful… I am not a person who can be taken advantage of . I am here to be loved,to be treated with little respect, to shower and spread love.. My daughter showers kisses on me without me asking for it… She understands me… I wish and pray She is there with me when I need her..Thank you for giving me this little miracle…Sometimes kids are like those super powers .



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