Gibberish Talk!!

I have been caught up with lots of stuffs in my life so I decided to give a break to blogging and blog hopping. This was the only excuse I could find for my laziness and recklessness .Everyone needs timeout !

My little angel has officially started saying or repeating what ever we say, sometimes there are same words and sometimes its just our rhythm and her own imaginary words.

She can say almost all alphabets.. other than ‘F’,’X’ ,’W’.

I was eating an apple the other day She started singing looking at me .The song had ‘apple apple apple’.I thought she will not be able to say apple if she sees it for real as she would have got used to her alphabet book but as usual she proved me wrong and there is not an ounce of me feeling bad about it 🙂

Once she heard some one outside our home talking (actually the guy was over the phone). She goes near the main door and says’ Appa’ thinking it to be her dad.

She took a toy stroller from her basket,placed a tiger soft toy ,took her little handbag,wore my black shoes and waved ‘Bye’ .

One day she kept a doll in her toy stroller ,gave her a big hug and kiss ,took the doll out ,kept it on the floor ,used it as a step to get into her own toy stroller. Obviously she fell down.

She got a new bunny toy as a gift from my uncle and I believe she thinks that’s a baby. She feeds food,gives water,gives hugs and showers kisses and take it for a walk sometimes.

She knows how to pinch, this drives me nuts but I have to live with it because she does it again If we shout/scream out of pain.She loves to play with kids but at times she loses patience If kids try to take advantage of her. Yes! One day one we had our relatives at home . Vikram(Jaanu’s Cousin ) wanted to play with the toy with which Jaanu was playing  He snatched the toy She reaches for the other toy and he snatches that again Now She goes for another and this time she didn’t let it go from her. She pinned down her cousin ‘Vikram’ by holding his hair. As I told she has patience. I was little upset with biting and screaming thing. But What can I expect more out off 1 and 1n half-year old’s?

She has distinct way of saying ‘please’ which can melt any stone cold person’s heart.She keeps her hand in a way she is asking for something and says ‘peash’. This happens also when she wants to make some mess or times when she wants to do something which we are  stopping her from.

he also developed some of the cutest little things.. During her sleep time she stretches her arm and asks me to lie on her hand. That’s the most safe and comfy place for me at that moment .

One fine day I was amazed by her and hugged her saying that I love her.. She says ‘I lov oooooo’ I was shocked and I said again and she repeated it. I was the happiest person that day. I am not sure whether she understands what it means. She also hugged me while saying that. I was TOUCHED.

There are lots of cute little sentimental stuffs she has picked up.. I am admiring , adoring everything and  happily living through it..There are certain things in life where we succumb to give in to our temptation. While taming my little brat I often feel to let it go… No matter what I do or what she does.. We should love each other and make sure love is everywhere around us 🙂

Love you Jaanu

P.S. I am planning to post some pictures of what stuffs she carries in her baby stroller.. I have been discovering lots of interesting things from there.


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