I just love to talk!

After a long month of busy week ends and lazy week days I finally remembered that there is a blog which is waiting for a post .I told myself beginning of this year that I will post often and this is the first one for this year (Imagine lots of self admiration pats on my shoulder).

To say about my angel ,she is all into talking these days.. She talks the same way we do but in a different language. A language which only she can understand.If we are upset with her and raise our voice, She starts blubbering (sincere effort to explain the reason behind her act) and we end up hugging and smiling. Her expressions are the ones which makes us ( roll on the floor) laugh

Some amazing things done by her :

If I say grumpy : she makes a grumpy face

If I say Happy: A stretched mouth from one ear to other showing her teeth accompanied by  a “eeeee” sound.

She can identify lots of things in her alphabet book like ishhh (Fish),dappe(Apple),yoyo,wiwi(Kiwi)

She can enact the roar of Lion

She can say Patti-Granma,Thatha-Granpa,Chithi-aunt,Anna-elder brother,Akka-elder sister but she gets confused sometimes and calls every one “amma”

If I watch TV instead of looking at her she holds my nose and tries to turn my face .

If she wears a new dress next thing she does is look at herself in the mirror. One day we saw her looking at herself holding a broom in her hand ( i wonder what was she thinking)

Her Logical reasoning has improved a lot..

 On one of our road trip,She kept pointing at Sun and said “moon” . I corrected her saying its “sun” .I didn’t realise for a long time that she was looking at the early morning sun from a tinted window of our car. It did look like a moon. I agreed and gave her a high-five.

If she watches us munching on something ,She says ” Namina”. It means we are eating some thing and we have to share it with her.

After we finish eating ,on seeing a clean plate in front of us ,She says “oooooo” accompanying a “all gone ” hand movement.

She hates her food(lill bland) ,So she buries her face down If she sees me having her food bowl. Transfer the same food to my plate and then feed her ,she eats a little until she realizes its her food.

We often do video chat with grand parents so on one such session ,She recognised them on the computer screen and went behind the monitor looking out for them. It was fun to watch.

She likes commercials and these days she is able to talk like how people talk in commercial. ex. In this Cadbury Bounville commercial ,She says “wasa” at the end like that old man.

 She can pray. I mean in temple,in front of any idol and some time she looks at the family portrait and starts praying.

She is a queen of tantrum If I try to isolate her from unwanted situation she loosens her body so that it becomes difficult to carry her.

She screams and throws what ever it is in her hands

If that doesn’t work then roll on the floor with her face down(licking the floor) .This cracks me up but the mommy in me takes all the effort to keep a stern look.

At the end of the day all I say is “she is a tough kid” and smile.


4 thoughts on “I just love to talk!

  1. Nice. Two things I loved to see. 1. Seeing her grandparents in video chat and searching them behind your computer. 2. Calling the sun as moon as she used to watch it behind the tainted car window shield. Lovely. As you said, children are the most logical . They even make the most illogical (like me ) to long for meeting them and spend some precious time with them.

  2. Lovely activites of ur cuteee angel.i just liked the one u mentioned searching for her grandparent behind tehe comp aftet the video chat and the cadbury bornville one that she also says WASA.How sweet….The pic she is praying in front of lordkrishna is nice one and admiring herself in front of the mirror is the best pic.

  3. Its really nice to read your little angel’s activities.just liked the one you mentioned that she looks behind the comp for her grandparents after the video chat.The one she also says WASA like the old man at cadbury bornville ad.so sweet.Her pics are too good.so cutee.i liked the pic she is praying tin front of lord krishna.The pic she is admiring herself in front of the mirror is tooo good.

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