New Years!!!

My girl is totally into mimicking these days .

If we give her a tissue : Constant sniffing and wiping her nose

Give her a book:Open it and continuous pangs of blubbering

Give her a news paper: Keeps quiet ,stare at it for a minute and Bam!! crushes(trust me neither one of us do this) the paper

Goes near the TV ,gives a smirk and touches it with her dirty,slimy fingers and turns back at us with a “no-no” action

Takes the cell phone and pretend like she is talking ,next she keeps the phone in front of our mouth and says “yayo” (asking us to say hello).She will make sure that  we are talking over the phone.

The most funniest thing is she starts crying if she sees anyone crying in tv. Once I cried (pretend) in front of her,my poor baby couldn’t stop herself from hugging me and trying to wipe my tears. I was amused by her nature. I was so happy to see that .Nurturing is one such women’s attribute which she possesses the day she is born.


I told myself last year that I am going to blog on a regular basis at least till next year and I am glad I did it. I am going to do this as long as I can.

2012 to-do’s

Goto Thirupathi (pilgrimage)

Take Jaanu to theatre for a movie

Plan for a vacation as a family

Learn to make a proper three layer cake

Call my mom often.

Blog often

Shed some calories( not tears)

Take a day off to SPA

Spend qulaity time with my mom,dad and sister.

Take Jaanu for her first hair cut.

Be even more friendly

Love all

I am going to keep updating this list may be even at the end of 2012.

This is the best way to motivate myself. 🙂

Jaanu wanted to go for a walk in her Dad’s shoes . It’s really difficult to cater to her tantrums these days.

I have been able to share my angel’s adventures and learnings and I hope that I will be able to do this life long.

Thank you God for giving me this Year and I wish that next year is going to bring more joy and happiness to our family and everyone around me.

Wish You all a very Happy and Prosperous New Year!

Love ,

Jaanu n her parents.


3 thoughts on “New Years!!!

  1. That was lovely. Thanking God for what He has given us for last year ! There are few things we can learn from our child and this was definitely one of them! The pic of Jhanu in her Dad’d shoes id very cute. I remember you bringing Zandu balm when your mom holds her head and mimics (Or many times real) a head ache with affectionately rubbing her head. Its a hereditory quality Swati. There are many things you can be proud to inherit…Nurturing is one such quality. I am sure this is specific to girl children and I thank God that I have two lovely daughters and a magnificent grand daughter.

  2. thts awesome swathi…..i can jus recollect those days wit my kiddo…..these memories r so good tht it’ll even take u thru’ in any difficult times…..preserve it dear…..WISH U N UR FAMILY A VERY HAPPY N PROSPEROUS NEW YEAR

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