~~Thank You~~

I must say that my daughter is getting lots of love these days.. She is receiving gifts from people all around the world. Yes! My little girl received a beautiful pair of hand knitted socks from one my friends Sona Darbinian(from Armenia). She is my father’s colleague and I am so happy that Myself and my daughter are surrounded by such warm people .Thank You Sona ! Those were really lovely ,cozy and very pretty. My princess loved them so much as she kept fiddling with the little flowers on them . It was indeed a thoughtful gift. Thank you so much!



4 thoughts on “~~Thank You~~

  1. Looks very nice. By the way, Sona is working for another establishment now in much better position. She came all the way to the guest house where I was staying to hand over this beautiful gift in Armenia. (That too when it snowed a bit on that morning). She is one of the few foreigners who could pronounce my grand daughter’s name perfectly (As Jhanu) . May be due to the old cultural link between Armenia and India! Thank you Sona.

  2. Dear friends, I’m so happy to be surrounded by you. You are indeed very kind and warm, and it is my pleasure to be your Armenian friend.
    Swathi, your little Jhanu (your little miracle as I always call her) is so cute and lovely, and it’s a great pleasure to see her growing and becoming so adorable, day by day. I feel her so close to me, as I can remember the day when she was about to be born and, now I see her becoming simply a beauty. Good girl Jhanu!!
    Thank you Sir for everything, you have always been so kind and gentle to our small team, and I really miss the days, when we were working together.
    My regards to all!!!

    • Thanks Sonaji (Hope you like this way of salutation! Its the Indian way) for your compliments. We too are proud that we have a very kind, good and nice friend from Armenia.

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