Happy Milestone!

One of the biggest milestones for any child to achieve is “Walking” and I am very glad to say that my sweet little heart can walk all by herself now. It’s always nice to see child’s first walk. Its awkward and more penguin-ish yet the most wonderful,cute and funniest thing to watch.

The very next day ,we took her to a baby store to get her a pair of shoes. We tried few and the moment we remove the shoe ,she would throw tantrums at us for not removing them of her feet.It was real surprise for us.

Things she can do now :

She can walk. Yes .I can even say she is able to run .

She can say staaaa (Star) and mowwww(moon) . When we go for an evening walk she looks up in the sky ,pointing her tiny index finger and says these words to me .

If I ask her how does Jaanu think?? she keeps her index finger on her chin and pretend like she’s thinking

If we show her a picture of baby or her own picture she says “baaabyyyyyyyy” in a real soft and sweeet voice.

She keeps both her hands on her head and dance for a song ( It makes me go real hysterical)

She can identify “Talking Tom ” in our phone ,she keeps blabbering and waits for Tom to repeat in helium voice.The cycle continues for long long time…

If I say “bye byes” She stands near our front door and points at the shoe rack to take out her new shoes .

Oh my sweet little girl..slow down…. Take your own time to grow…

I will be coming back with a video of her walk  @ run


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