I have been blog hopping lately and I must admit that it feels really great reading fellow blogger’s blog .Its an absolute delight to know how people of same interest are present all around the world.This is a way we all connect with each other in spite of not knowing how we look,behave,talk etc. I am in love with this connection. It makes me feel we are connected by our thoughts .

I did ask myself ” Why Am I writing this blog?”I have pushed myself into lots of thinking on this for an answer.Sometimes my mind says probably to channel your thoughts in a constructive way??? ,sometimes my heart says  -To write what you feel?  So far I have learned that I should be listening to both mind and heart.

I started writing this blog to kill my time. But these days my thoughts are different ,I have started doing lots of homework to write anything in my blog. I like this change in me. The feeling of some one is reading my blog is like some one is listening to me,someone appreciating your views. I am really thankful for those who are really putting this into practice .Now this blog is not to kill my emptiness ,It talks about me, It talks as me and I am not going to let this blog taken for granted.

I am trying my best to channel myself in a constructive way so that I can share and connect with people across this globe…Thanks a lot for keeping my spirits and encouraging me to write more! Love you all!


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