My darling is growing real fast!!!

Jaanu has been very outgoing these days. She pats on people’s back If we are standing in a crowded place and throws ear wide mind-blowing smile .Many a times I see people who are preoccupied with thoughts and when Jaanu looks and throws a killer smile I can see people smiling unconsciously. “Smile is addictive and contagious” I have hardly seen anyone who is not smiling back at her.” She is such a charmer!” I hear that a lot and I am very happy that she is not that moody brat.I hope and wish she remains the same.

 I admire how fast she is growing but there is a mom in me who doesn’t want this to happen so fast. I always enjoy the present,the joy of watching her do new things but when I stop and stare at my past moments with her it aches my heart  because I don’t have enough hands to gather all that happiness which I am able to share with my little daughter who is winning not just mine but everyone’s heart. I can definitely hope for more happiness though. Why I am so sentimental about this?? I really don’t have any answer for this. All I can do for now is enjoy and cherish.

Things she can do:

She can show her ears,nose,eyes and tongue. If we ask her about her tongue she makes a funny noise with it.

She can climb on our coffee table without any help and after she is on the top of the table ,she looks at us with “See I did it ” smile.

She can pull all the wires behind the tv

She can call her dad “Appa” and call me  “appa” ,”baba”,”athiii”  everything but “amma” or “mama”  I really don’t understand why it’s so difficult to understand that I am her mom.

She is mastering the sign language these days.

She can refer “bow bow”  to a dog and “Mo” to  a cat

And the most important she can take 5 to 8 steps all by herself 🙂

This is one of the “I did it ” smile.. She is giving us a ” High-five”

Love you Jaanu !


3 thoughts on “My darling is growing real fast!!!

  1. Janu’s smile is too cute.just liked her high five style and cute smile….liked the way you have described your daughters activities and achievements and her mischiefs…..

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