Diwali/Deepawali – Celebration!!!!

Out of all the festivals, I used to love Diwali the most . I have spent my childhood in Rajasthan and in northern part of India Diwali is at its best . 


1.Playing with crackers,sky high fireworks,flower pots,sparklers etc.. 

2.Lighting the whole house with Diya’s ( small mud candles )

3.We can have lots of sweets and snacks

4. A long leave from school

5. Showing off all our new attires .


I made a sweet “Kalakand” and savoury “Thattai” . My father loved the Thattai.I was happy to see him munching after a long time.

We bought dresses for our elders and kido’s and were really happy with the purchase.


It started off  very well with an early morning bath called “Ganga Snan” .Ganga is holy river of India and Its a belief that Ganga visits all the homes across the world on this particular day to purify everyone. . We had another reason to celebrate this day as it was Jaanu’s Granma(Vasanth’s mom) Birthday.  We wore our new attires and had a happy happy fashion show of all our dresses 🙂

 I expected this diwali to be a fun-filled day as my little munchkin has always shown keen interest in different kinds of sounds and vibrations…Alas!!!!  I was holding my crying baby in my arms all day long.She was traumatized by the extreme blasting noise. The sparkling sparklers kept her quiet for a while but the moment she hears crackers blast  she would go ballistic.As the day progressed so did my girls crying spree..

Amidst of all the crying Jaanu hoopla ,we had a good time sharing these moments with her. We made sure that we are there to protect her and assured that its not going to harm her in anyway. By the end of day she was all by herself and enjoying every bit of time she was sharing with her loving granma and granpa. She made our day by letting us go for a movie. 🙂 Mommy and Daddy had fun that day.

All lights and no darkness. Several people have several beliefs of why we celebrate Diwali?I believe Diwali is  just to spread the light of happiness and sweetness. I feel happy that I was able to do this . A very Happy Diwali to all 🙂


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