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When I was in USA I loved “Halloween” .It somehow gave me a feeling that it’s a replica of our Navaratri festival. Both are celebrated approximately in the  same month. 

Navaratri is a festival in India celebrated for 9 nights and the 10th day is called “Vijayadashami” celebrated as “Dussera” .In south India Navaratri is celebrated by display of dolls (generally various Hindu Gods and goddesses) in tiers and its called “Golu”

People are invited esp (ladies and children) to see and share the stories of various god and goddess dolls.Special prayers and devotional songs can be performed by guests which is considered very auspicious on these days .

At the end ,a sweet and savoury (called Sundal-generally a solution of steamed proteins like beans,peas etc) are served as a ‘Prasadham’.Guests are requested to sing devotional or any songs of their choice and sent home with small gifts.On the other hand Halloween is also a time where people are dressed as different characters from famous stories and visit homes for “trick-or-treat” and people there make sure kids don’t go empty-handed. It’s really amazing that people having different cultural backgrounds ,living so away from each other are still having one thing or the other common in their culture. There is a difference indeed just in the way they do it.

I enjoyed my Navaratri Festival with my little angel and few friends and guests. Myself and my princess dressed in all silk attires to welcome our guests   and serving our guests with sweets ans savouries.

I was amazed that kids who came home knew lots of  stories. I asked one of the girl who came home to see “golu” .

Q.How do you know so many stories? Did your grand-pa narrated these to you? 

A. “No”

Q.Then how do you know this much?

A.”Cartoon Network”  

This answer cracked a big laughter among us. Thanks to Tv channel in helping our children to learn our age-old epics.

Next day is “Vijayadashami” . This day is considered as the best day to start anything new..from buying dresses to car to home to anything. I gave my Jaanu a book to read 🙂

Above are pictures of my Golu, Rangoli (picture of Lord Venkatachalapathi on floor),myself and my little girl.

Next festival is Diwali !! The best festival celebrated all over India and I am glad that I will be able to celebrate with my family.


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