Husbands’s Birthday!

I always love to do something special for my loved one’s on their special day.Today is special day for Vasanth who is indeed turning 32 . I bet he would ask me now “Why did u mention my age in Ur blog?”   He is one mystical person who doesn’t like to be in limelight. But I wanted to bring him into picture as I have never mentioned what kind of person he is.

In these 4 years of marriage I must admit that I admire the way he perceive things and gives composed answers to queries. I always try to pump his ego. But as I said the more you try to upset him the more calm he becomes.A soft spoken yet loud at times ( esp . when he laughs )

When we got married I thought Vasanth is at his best but I witnessed even a better person when he became a father.  Nothing is more wonderful than watching father and daughter blabber with complete involvement. I am glad that I am able to enjoy,adore,appreciate,rejoice this and trust me Vasanth is at his best when he plays with Jaanu.

Ofcourse on this day He needs a real good loud pat as he is baring me for 4 years and may God give him more strength to bare me life long 🙂  ..A home baked cake and his favourite meal = Vasanth saying “You made my Day” 

I forgot to say the most important thing here ”  Happy Birthday!!!  ”


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