Jaanu’s Today!

For past few months I have been observing that my little girl is communicating and mimicking. She has also turned into a big attention seeker. The first thing she does these days to distract me is scream in a squeaky voice… I used to get really irritated by that noise. It goes to extent of closing my ears with my hands.This cracks up Jaanu,thinking it to be a game. She does that again and again .Now I have started enjoying this as nothing is more fun to see a giggling child.

She loves pretending to cook these days. Give her a spoon and a bowl she will cook food and keep feeding me (This is how i knew she is mimicking me) Probably I should clean my home often so that She can mimic that either. She can reach the spoon area in kitchen draw and spills spoons all over the home.

She is generous in throwing flying kisses at people.It was spontaneous. She still gets confused between “Amma(mom)and Appa(dad)” but learning how to give flying kiss was fast. Real fast! I was re-assuring myself  that she is rewarding us with those kisses for our patience in teaching her who is her Mom and Dad. 

She understands the concept of “Echo” She will scream on top of her voice when ever we take her to  basement car park. She can turn off and turn on the switches ,After turning on the switch she would look around for any change. She does the same for turning off.

If I take her in the praying area ,She will bring her hands together and babble (She learnt this by totally mimicking us)

Everyday is learning for her. I am amused by her ability to learn. Vasanth was telling me ” Other than sleeping and having biscuit ,She’s always making mess here and there. ” But we are enjoying it ‘Totally’

It amuses me about her ability to learn and how much I am learning from her. I am so proud of her. This is how my smarty eats her biscuit .


4 thoughts on “Jaanu’s Today!

  1. First of all, I must compliment you for good piece of writing. It even makes even an impatient man like me to read it like a Forsythe novel! Regarding Jaanu’s heroics , I am searching for proper adjectives to express my joy . Oh..I really miss my dear and near..

  2. haa haa ! funny post about how Jhanu eats her biscuit ! Loved reading it Swathi. Kutties are so smart at this age, you will be amazed how much more they are going to learn from you and their amazing sense of memory in the coming days 🙂 waiting for more posts to come ……

  3. I wouls also like to leave a tip here – I like the title – Jaanu’s today, but looks like there are a lot of them – denoting different days, may be along with “Jaanu’s today” may be you can add a little “highlight of the day” to make it much more appealing to the reader’s eyes !

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