Jaanu’s Today!

Its been a while that I have written about my tiny princess. She’s been often down with cold these days. Reason :She tries all kinds of food from mud ,wool,paper and sometimes some eatables too..
The most fun thing she has started is Reacting and responding to our conversation. She will nod up and down If we ask ‘Right?’
She will raise her hand above her head and point out to something like ‘its there.’
If we are mad at her she will blabber the same way as we talk to her and throws a killing smile at us.

My weirdo girl has ability to talk anything with anyone. She can talk to even animals. When she met a neighbour’s dog,they conversed like they know each other for long.I was indeed dumbfounded by her ability and all we can understand from their conversation was that they were quiet mad at each other. On witnessing this my husband says “Let’s get a Dog”. I was like “We are so not made for each other 😦

We have a dais like thing in our apartment’s amphi theatre.One can find lots of people there in evening.One fine day we took Jaans to the dais and let her crawl. When ever my smarty pants reached the end of dais,She will verify by touching the rim of the dais and go back so that she will not fall.It cracks us every time we think about that. She can point at Apple in the book If we say “Apple” and also Banana

Her hands and legs are getting stronger. She can pull herself up and down the couch with utter ease.Now it has become even harder for us to prevent her attacks when we are eating.She can even get down from our bed and she can push the coffee table.

She knows the difference between remote and cell phone. If we dont give her the remote She even knows how to change the channels with set-of-box .
She has these fits of tantrums with no reason to it. She understands that we are saying “No” after that all she can think of is “Screaming”.

She stands behind me ,holding onto my shoulder and bend over to play peek-a-boo.If I am watching TV for little long time She brings her face right in front of me and start blabbering . I feel she is complaining that “You’ve been watching TV for a long time” It melts my heart when ever she does these cute stuffs

I love all these little things she can do and waiting for more . We are so awestruck by her improvement and involvement as a little princess in our little family.I wish and pray she is always happy like this and throw challenges at us on raising her right.


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