My princess is officially a Toddler!!

I am finally back after a long awaited 1st birthday function of my daughter. Basically “Aandu niraivu” or “Ayush homam” is done in the month and nakshatra the baby was born.Every year the date of birth differs according to positions of the stars in particular year.

This time my daughter’s star was on Aug 9th . Below picture Jaanu is having a spoon as her pacifier.

happy that everyone blessed my daughter and showered her with lots of love and of course gifts.
It was thoughtful of Jaanu’s Grand mother (My mom’s elder sister) to give a new suitcase as a gift. It really helped us carry all her gifts.

The sad part for me was piercing her ears. My sister always used to make fun of me in this part. When ever Jaanu’s been pricked with needles Akka(myself) cries. Call me a drama queen.. But I just cant bear to see my daughter in pain.

She pierced her ears sitting on my father’s lap. My father was scared that Jaanu might not come to him If she sees him holding her while piercing. That made me laugh a little. On looking at this picture it makes me laugh .My Dad is so much in discomfort to see his grand daughter cry .After the piercing was done. I was so relieved. My kiddo as I always say is a fighter. She was back to form in less than an hour.

After the grand function the next action item in our list was giving her first hair to lord “Uppliappan” who is our main diety.

Poor Daddy(Vasanth) had to hold the princess.The person shaving Jaanu’s head was repeatedly asking Vasanth to hold her tighter, as He was scared to hold her tight thinking that might hurt Jaanu. How sweeet Isn’t it?? He did a extremely good job. I was waiting outside the hall to see my mottai(Bald) Jaanu.He also made the same comment that “What will I do if Jaanu refuses to come to me??? ” ROFL…

Jaanu brought a bunch of hair to temple to give all by herself to our lord. We all were making fun of that.I dressed her in her new silk dress(Pavadai sattai)after her bath in holy water. She enjoyed the bath. The fun part was we all were so engrossed to watch her enjoying her bath that none of us remembered to take a picture of that.
I couldn’t imagine the bald Jaanu though. If I close my eyes and think about her all I can see is Jaanu with lots of cute hair on her head 😦 . I love her anyways.

After praying god we went to pray our acharyan (Guru). I was happy that we got his blessings. It was so generous of him that he didn’t allow me to keep jannu on the floor. He said “Azha vida vendam” ( Dont make her cry by keeping her down).

We came home and were asking Jaanu where is her hair. She kept patting on her bald head 🙂 It was so hilareous to watch that.Next we went to Trivandrum to Sister-in-law’s place to celelberate “Thalai Avani avattam” of Shyam(Vasanth’s Nephew). We had a nice time there. I cooked for the family. My daughter and husband had the best time ever. Vasanth played Wii whole day and Jaanu screamed like crazy with her cousin sister Varshini.I told myself I ain’t going to buy that Wii..

We came back to bangalore in fight. I was so panicked to take my princess in plane as It was her first flight. But there she again proved me wrong by enjoying the whole journey with lots of screaming and playing with the kids sitting just behind us.She got lots of attention from air hostesses,kids,elders,aunties and uncles.
We landed safe and with a screaming out of joy Jaanu.

On the whole ,the trip despite being hectic was very refreshing.

Note:This is just a mini diary for you Jaanu. You may not remember what happened on your birthday but I wanted you to read this . I have tried my best to put every special moments together.


4 thoughts on “My princess is officially a Toddler!!

  1. Wonderful post Swathi! Im sure Jhanu is going to have a gaala time reading this post and re-living her memories 🙂 when she reads this comment, let her remember there is this loving athai of hers who wrote this 🙂 love you Jhanu 🙂

  2. Wonderful post Swathi ! Iam sure Jhanu kutty is going to have a gaala time reading this post and other posts of yours, when she grows up and re-lives her childhood days. hey Jaanu kutty, remember this ever loving athai of yours, when you read this comment 🙂 Love you da!

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