Birthday Bash!

Day 7 : (Day before Jaanu’s Birthday)
Our baby was awake till 11:30 and she started dozing. Just after 12 a.m I wished her first when she was awake and as soon as the clock struck 12.05 She was gone to her dreamland.
Conversation b/w me n Vasanth :
Myself:I wished her .
Vasanth: Even I wished her in her ears because she was asleep
Myself: she was awake when I wished her. So I wished her first 🙂
Vasanth: Imagine a “no comments!!!!! ” face.

I know so bad of me to do that. But I feel I can defintely take advantage of situations like this. I didn’t do anything wrong . I just wished my daughter first on her birthday.

Vasanth had his own plan. He surprised me with a ‘time machine’ gift. He made it and I just helped him in my beautiful writing skill .I asked him why you didn’t even tell me about this? He told “Jaanu is too young to understand surprises but I wanted to surprise some one. So I surprised you..” To say the fact I was dumbstruck on seeing the effort he has taken.

Myself and Vasanth decorated the house with lots of color papers and her name”JanuManu” on the wall. We waited for our in-laws so that they can take part in decorating the place for her.

Appa(Vasanth) picked up Granma and both granpa’s from the railway station . My princess welcomed them with a ‘snorrrrr..’ Yes she was sleeping(We are not morning person ,people!!) As soon as She woke up everyone greeted her “Happy Birthday!” She was obviously in a shock to see them but to our surprise she greeted them back with a big(happy to see you guys)smile. I was able to see the other side of Jaanu.

Our plan was to cut 2 cakes one for family and other for family and friends.
Jaanu had her bath and was praying for the good day and we heard a door bell. We were surprised to see her Aunt (Deepa) at the door. I asked Why me?? Everyone chosing me for the surprise.

Jaanu wore oneof her new dress and I made her stand in front of the cake which I baked exclusively for her.She stood there wondering what to do. i made her touch the cake and directed her little fingers in her mouth. She started licking her fingers. I was so happy to see this. I was waiting for this moment for a long time.

A small chatting and gossiping in the family and Grand fathers and aunt helped us decorating the entire house with baloons.

Evening :
I invited two of my neighbour friends and had a small official birthday party. Neighbour Kids “Diya,Pooja and Ajay” loved to play around the house. It was a nice to see so many people in my house.
Vasanth’s aunt and her son were able to grace the occasion.

we went out for a dinner with family and had a royal feast.
It was indeed a beautiful and eventful first birthday of my little angel.
I thank God for blessing us and Jaanu with loving persons.

Love you Jaanu!


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