Happy 1st Birthday Jaanu!!!

Hey Jaanu!
Love is pure so are you ,
Being lucky is true for blessed with an angel like you,
I will be the good mother is my promise to you,
On this day all I want is hapiness for you
Love you, I Love you Jaanu

Happy Birthday! You are 1 Today! This may sound so cheezy.. But I had the best time ever with you.What else can I ask for? Watching you grow, smile for the first time,cry when you were hungry,trying so hard to roll over,crawling ,fall down,crawling fast,giggling,blabbering,following instructions,standing ,clapping ,faking your cry ,throwing tantrums,watch you play with your Dad and just watch you sleep peacefully on my lap every night.Your presense makes me happier and your smiles makes it happiest. All I want on this day is your happiness. What else could I wish for when I get to blow the birthday candle on your behalf. You have not yet called me “Mom” but I am quiet certain that we have a strongest connection.I need you and you need me the most. I am so thankful to God for giving or rather blessing me with such a Cutie Pie. You made my life and You make every day worth living . Thank You Babes!

Where ever you go ,remember always that there is a someone who needs you and loves you no matter how old you are and that some one is me šŸ™‚

Love you!


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