Eve of Jaanu’s Birthday!

I am just waiting for the d-day which is just a week away . Yes! Its my lovie’s (my daughter’s) 1st birthday.My wish is to keep it simple with my lilly.I hope I will be able to spend most of the time with her on her day. I am so elated like a small kid..Whoever reads this post is going to wonder whether its Jaanu’s or my birthday.Lol;)..

A cute picture with her dad..Now you all know where she get’s that winking style from???

She is capable of doing:

The wonderful thing she does now a days is just put everything in her mouth. She has tasted raw curry leaf,chilly seeds,cream and talc so far…

Trying to grab my attention in all possible ways. By screaming to top of her voice or by throwing things on the floor

Crawl for a while and look back at me with a ” Catch me if you can ?” look. If I run behind her ,She crawls extremely fast with a hysterical laugh.

I will be posting Jaanu’s picture everyday !! till her birthday .


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