Jaanu’s Today!!

Its not easy to run around the 11 months old kiddo! Yes , My girl is 11 months old now. I was just thinking about the good time we had with our grandma last month and now she is 11 months old. Exactly 1 month later my munchkin is gonna be an year old. I wondered what’s the big deal about getting 1 year old, probably this 1 year a child’s growth is much faster than the rest . I reminisce my girl trying so hard to roll over and now she can stand and walk holding on to something . Time flies and kids do grow fast ! I wish I can have some super power to keep going back to this phase of my life so that I can keep cuddling my girl as much as I want for every wonderful things she does ,She has taught me lots of things. How to be patient,Perseverance,How to smile when you are low ,How to love more , How to be a better mother every time.
Amazing things she can do now.
She can stand and walk holding onto something. Falling down is in her agenda too.
She can cry in two ways : one for real and other by faking it.
If she fell down when we are around she starts crying only if we saw that happening( Drama queen)
I can definitely say she is talking something,I am not supposed to look at anything or anyone If she wants me or her father to look at her. She hits us real hard and calls us “Dha Dha..”
She can identify the door bell.
She will be the happiest person when she meets her father.There are times when She refuses to come to me from her Dad.
She smiles a little at strangers now.
She orders everyone at home by saying “Eyiiiiiiiiii” We happened to notice this when she was calling “eyiiii” to everyone in the restaurant with a spoon in her hand.
She can pats her belly when some one asks ” who is Jaanu?” but she does the same if she is asked “Where is amma?” or “Where is appa?” etc.,
She has started behaving very nice when she is surrounded by little groups of people.
Recently she has started feeling the beats of any song. She does a cute shimmy dance for any fast pace song. It has cracked us like hell.
She is still a picky eater though. But loves to have bites from our plate 🙂

Plans for Jaanu’s Birthday!
In-laws will visit us for her birthday!
My father is going to join us .
I am going to prepare the cake for my sweetie 🙂
That’s all for now.


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