Granma Time!!

Last week was awesome! As per plan we started with a road trip to Erode(my home town). It was a beautiful day.I packed food for us and had it right near the scenic highway.

My girl was extremely cooperative . We stopped our car near the highway for food . While I was standing by the road Jaanu was baffled by the fast moving cars,trucks in the highway! It was nice to see my daughter noticing and able to differentiate the change. I enjoyed every bit of my last week. A week of opulence luxury.
‘No Cooking yet eating all my favourite food ‘ Where can I have this luxury??? Of course at my Mom’s place. Jaanu had a nice week there as well.. Though it started with a runny nose and lots of crankiness (‘coz of extreme heat,power cuts and sweating) she compensated all of it by playing and giggling with her little aunt ,Granma and Great Granma !
Basically,I enjoy cooking but still the feeling of not going inside the kitchen for a week gave me a guilt free happiness,ate lots of Mangoes,did shopping,enjoyed watching my sister cuddling my daughter.I was reminiscing ,how I used to cuddle my sister when she was born. I will be dying to see her as soon as I come back from school.
We all went for shopping for my cutie on Monday. I got two pairs of cute shoes,lots of outfits for her. Coming back home was a roller coaster ride for me. My Sugar was crying in a total frantic and an inconsolable level. Its such a traumatising moment to see your child cry without knowing why. We were checking whether she had any insect bite,gave her toys,showed her lights and nothing keeps this girl quiet.As soon as I reach home and get out of the rickshaw ,she stops her tantrum cry. I have to blame Vasanth for this , If we(myself and Jaanu) were used to travel by rickshaw instead of car, I would have never faced this situation. I am extremely grateful to enjoy this luxury but hearing her cry like that was not a good scene.
My mom loves gardening and has lots of plants at home so I let Jaanu touch and feel all the plants as she cannot do it here in our apartment and more over I dont have any plants here at my bangalore home. I am seriously thinking to get one for her.

Mom took care of Jaanu while I was out and the moment I come home Jaanu is the happiest person. She will be sticking to me for atleast half an hour . One of the improvement in her was to say “Dha dha” .If I say “Clap” She immediately claps. If i say “Dhay Dhay” She says the same. She is very good at observing us. I really have to be very careful now as she is officially mimicking us. . My mom and granma loved the way she laughed,cried ,smiled,winked,play,blabber etc .I can ramble as long as I want but my vacation was over in a jiffy. Well coming back to Bangalore was again a sweet road trip.On the whole our vacation to Granma’s home rocked !!!!
Love u Jaanu

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