Jaanu’s Today!

Its an amazing feeling to see someone grow and when its your own child ,the joy and happiness doubles! All toddlers are autodidacts by nature. It amuses me every time my daughter does something new all by herself.The unconditional love they show by just hugging us or by just resting their tiny head in mom’s lap. They truly understand the love and make sure that they give back the love in their own way.

Things she can do now :
Snatch the keyboard from the desk while I am typing or browsing over the Internet.
She can hold on to something and stand for a while. She stands with the help of TV stand and tries to catch the subtitles.She throws stuffs at TV,those include,plastic spoons,toys,plush etc.
I play rhymes for her from a CD and when ever I play it she is looking all around the house in search of lady who sings the rhymes in TV. Its very funny.
She is like wildfire in her walker. She claps,runs and jumps (sometime all together) accompanied by a loud scream when she sees our maid.
Tries to hold the broom when our maid is sweeping
She talks(Blabbers – something like “voooozo”) when ever I am over the phone.
Sometimes she bites me with her tiny teeth on my cheeks ,I take that as a kiss or love from her.
She can open the drawers and take out the things thus making a mess .
She can reach the tip of the counter top ,she is on her toes when she does this. I was really horrified to see this.. What am I gonna do if she grows even an inch taller Lol :)????
She loves to explore refrigerator. She stands right in front of the door without letting me to close it.She takes out all the items and drops them on floor. Thank God! she cannot carry the juice cartons yet.
She makes me happy everyday!

Luv u Jaanu!

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