Mother’s Day!

No one celebrates Mother’s day ,Father’s day or Daughter’s day in India as many people believe that these are celebrated only in western countries as people don’t live there as a family.
In spite of being an Indian I have different opinion about this ,I thought that these days are to just make them feel extra special, a kind of an allowance . It is definitely obvious that you are loved as always.Some times we forget that we are living together and never enjoy the togetherness,probably because of our desperately busy life. The life which becomes so mechanical that we keep assuming that there is love somewhere and never bother to show that.
There are people who might say love need not be expressed .If love is showered, Is it gonna harm any one? Is any one gonna get hurt by that ? “NO” Then Why we have to assume that its there when these are few emotions when shared gives happiness to both the giver and receiver ?
I totally believe that there should be a day(A Special day) for every relationship human beings share. Call it westernization or what ever ! I don’t care.
I am a proud mom and I totally deserve the extra “LOVE”.
Waking up with my daughter trying to bite my cheeks with her two tiny teeth was the best “Mother’s Day” gift ever. ” Happy Mother’s day to me” and All the Mom’s

Love you Jaanu

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