Jaanu’s Today!

My girl is keeping me really busy. I feel I am raising a toddler already though there are 3 more months for that to become official. I dont know what’s left in store for me ,but definetly its pushing my limits..

Things she can do:
I was teaching my princess to clap her hands for quiet a long time.. Every time I clap my hands ,She will pat the floor.

She was watching her favourite commercial and at the end all she did was clap her hands.

I was thinking I should have tried teaching her this by keep playing the commercial for her ,once she realized she was clapping ,she did that again and again .

I was so happy. I was able to see the happiness in her eyes. The happiness of something she was trying to learn for long time. My daughter is learning things. That’s amazing and wonderful.

She talks to me “Voooooooo” (put a surprised emotion on her face)

She is atrracted to metals n steels now. She loves snatching our plates.
She is amused by shadows and sun light. She plays with both 🙂

I am happy about the thing that now we can start introducing her with some of our food as she can deviate a little from the strict baby food routine. She started asking for buiscuits,juices,chocolates and everything we eat ,If we dont give her she imitates like eating. That’s so cute that noone can resist the feeling of giving her atleast one bite.

She spits the food when ever I feed her. The fountain of cereal falling on her face makes her giggly. She spits the food and giggles. This is her routine!

One thing I learnt from parenting so far is “Patience” . Each day my threshold raises yet I am enjoying every bit of this. Love you Jaanu!


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