Jaanu’s Today!

Today my baby is 9 months old. Phew!!!
I often ask this myself every month,How did that happen??
Ohh!! My baby girl is growing fast.. .

Things she can do:
Vasanth has a routine of kissing our munchkin (regardless of what she is doing) before going to office. We(both Jaanu n myself) stand by our front door to wave him “ta ta”

Today Jaanu was probably tired because of yesterday night’s repeated jumping sessions . She was just awake and Vasanth waved “Ta ta” to her ,half asleep she opened her tiny eyes and winked at him then came a angelic smile and waved her hands.We both were flabbergasted. I was like when did she ever learn that?

This was probably the first thing she learnt from us. Waving “Bye-bye”.

She can roam around the whole house in her walker and do all naughty and dangerous things.

She jumps in walker when she is happy.

She goes near the coffee table and bangs any solid thing on it.The louder the noise ,the harder the hit becomes accompanied by a squeaky laugh.

She can reach the switch board at lower levels. She puts her fingers inside the switch board.

She plays with the garbage and broom.

Few milestones achieved and yet more to come. The more I achieve the happier I get and more courageous I become. Thank you God for giving me enough strength.
Love you Jaanu.


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