Jaanu’s Today!

She is 8 and half months already. Having my cutie in my lap and watching her doze was a beautiful and a mesmerizing feeling. I carefully laid her on the bed and lied down near her watching her sleep . As soon as I lied down she turned towards me and put her soft cushy,mushy hands over my neck. Its amazing that this lady knows I may slip away from her. But with these tiny and adorable hand over you ,Never!I have never felt so cozy and calm. I wondered whether we have changed roles,We will be sharing same love eitherways
Her Do’s and like’s:
My bubbly baby can hold on to anything and stand for a while. The fun part is she stands on her toe like a ballerina ! She loves the “Vodafone -Zuzu” commercial on TV. She can distinguish between the commercial and others.She can clap now . She loves to be cuddled by me before bedtime.She is most energetic and all hyper person after midnight. I love what her outfit says in this picture!

“Im pretty,Mummy is prettier,Papa is luckiest! ” If its not clear from the picture. How true Isn’t it??? I so wanna hear this again and again.

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