Jaanu’s Today!

When ever I write something under this subject ,It gives me a feeling that I am a columinst of a Newspaper “Jaanu’s Today” . Lol ;D

Things she can do :

1. Can crawl utterly fast on her knees. If she is locates her favourite things the speed increases proportionally!
2 .She can say “Ba ba ba ba” when I say “Ba ba ba ba” and “mamama” when I say the same. Still depends on her mood
3. She raises her voice if we raise our voice.
4. She can point her index finger like she is warning us,It looks so hilarious!
5. When I play peek-a-boo ,She comes near me and takes my hand from my face and feel happy that she saw her mommy. My heart melts even thinking about it.
6. As she got her first teeth (25/03/11) and she prefers munching our fingers. I love it though.
7. She can nod “no,no,no” when we do and shakes her body up n down for saying “Yes ,yes,yes” . It amuses me how the kids learn to do the things which are not required at all.
8. She loves to play with both of us at 3:00 am. She just keeps looking at us, If we open our eyes she gives that deadly smile with wink.Irresistible !
9.She tries to clap her hands by tapping the floor. She is yet to learn the realy clapping.
We got her toy which has different actions in them like push,pull,slide and turn buttons ,While doing each action right the box pops open.
Thinking that it will be helpful for logical reasoning we showed her the toy. The first thing she was attracted to was the box popping out.
But the funnier part was ,She concentrated more on closing the box rather than doing the required action. Probably she was thinking why we are there for?
Kids learn at their pace. That’s what I told myself.


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